25 Sept 2013

Christopher Pyne has developed amnesia it seems. Although not confirmed by the medical profession as yet.

Short term memory loss is one of the first signs of the illness
Selective memory loss which is rampant among Coalition members.

The Coalition is considering reintroducing a cap on university places despite emphatically ruling it out last year while in opposition.
The minister for education, Christopher Pyne, has confirmed he is considering reintroducing the cap on university places as well as abolishing the compulsory fee paid by students to fund campus services and scrapping the targets that were introduced by Labor to allow more disadvantaged students to enter university.
Pyne last year rejected reports that the Coalition would reintroduce university caps if they won government.
"Reports that this is being considered are wrong. In fact, the Coalition strongly supported the uncapping of university place," Pyne said at the time.
"While we welcome debate over the quality and standards in our universities, we have no plans to increase fees or cap places."
And so say all of us, come on, we'll just call it an untruth, I suppose and we are likely to hear many more similar problems in the future because this illness is rampant among Coalition members at the moment.
Well it's said that you do all the unpalatable things in the first year you are elected, because we idiot voters have short memories, we'll have to wait and see about that assumption.
It all depends on which way the wind blows!