2 Sept 2013

Coalition is sitting on a time bomb.We get to see it only after September 7

The Coalition is sitting on a time bomb.
To win at any cost is the name of the game.

They have abused the spirit, if not the letter, of the new rules governing the Parliamentary Budget Office, by citing the office as supporting its costings claims, without releasing the PBO documents themselves.

Even though the government blew it by misrepresenting the PBO, it opened the door for the Coalition to show us their real costings to refute the assumptions made by the government once and for all.

What happened? Well we were are not allowed to see any of the documents, so voters have no real way of knowing whether the office is being correctly quoted or whether the assumptions the Coalition has asked it to work with are realistic.

Journalists know the claims are wrong. They have been shown PBO documents. They have been told they can make notes, but not make copies, before Coalition staff whisk them from their hands.

Costings paid for by the public are being held tightly by the Coalition as if they are private property. Even when it releases its complete account on Wednesday it does not plan to share with the public the documents that underpin it.

The system needs to be fixed. Should Joe Hockey become treasurer he should deny future oppositions the opportunity to misuse it as he has.

The Coalition could be very sorry after the election.

There is a time bomb ticking because as a parting gift Labor and the Greens legislated to require the PBO to produce a ''post-election audit'' of all political costings within 30 days.

The embarrassing details the Coalition has kept from us up to now will be public property within 30 days.

So good people  should we have a Coalition government on the 7th September just wait and see what figures the PBO release within the 30 days and see what effect they suddenly have on the Coalition's promises.(The promises they are saying they will never brake)

I'm from the PBO
I told you there was a rabbit in there

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