8 Sept 2013

Good luck Tony Abbot but take care if you want a Second term.

A surprise packet maybe?
Yes it is possible – just possible – that Abbott will surprise us.
He is the new prime minister against all odds, in part on the back of the amazingly generous paid parental leave scheme – which runs entirely contrary to his entire policy about cost over runs.
He may well embrace other surprising policy U-turns in the not to distant future..

Abbott is not a one-man show, and those standing closest to him near the levers of power are moderates – in particularly Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey. They are both of course, republicans and shock horror to my delight – Christopher Pyne. Don't forget neither Turnbull nor Hockey are climate-change deniers.

I could be wrong Tony might dump these republican and climate change believers? If he does he then he is right now at the beginning of a long-haul pursuit of a rabidly right-wing agenda as long as he has the keys to The Lodge in his pocket?

Even then there is an upside.

So, if Abbott is going to be as right wing as many fear – ruthlessly ignoring climate change, slashing workers' rights, steering by the two dim stars of the British and Holy Roman empires, rather than steering uniquely by the Southern Cross in our heavens, as he should – then, inevitably, our next leader at the next election will be from the Labor party.

This would be the ultimate antidote for him if he is not kept on a tight leash!

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