7 Sept 2013

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Lies or just bending the truth as politicians call it.

So, are we the people really going to elect a liar to The Lodge today? It seems we are. Every opinion poll predicts a thumping win for the Coalition. We will have a liar as our prime minister for at least the next three years.

Tony Abbott, remember, famously told the independent MP Tony Windsor in 2010 that he would do anything but sell his arse to get the job. And so he has. These are his three biggest porkies, in no particular order:
Abbott is plainly relying on short memories, and has amplified the lie. 
"This is the worst government in our history." No it's not. That title goes to the Tories, probably to the Menzies coalition of 1939-41, a minority government which collapsed - in wartime - after an orgy of internal treachery and backstabbing.

Other contenders would include John Gorton's government of 1968-71, which also tore itself to pieces, in a fight to the death between Gorton and his defence minister Malcolm Fraser. The next Liberal prime minister, Billy McMahon, was virtually laughed out of office in 1972.

Abbott is plainly relying on short memories. And he has amplified the lie by claiming that Parliament has been in chaos for the past three years of minority government.

Again not true. Yes, the Labor leadership was in turmoil but the Parliament passed a record amount of legislation under Julia Gillard, giving the nation the landmark Gonski education reforms and the national disability insurance scheme.

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