14 Sep 2013

Look back in fright!


Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd were a good team while a team, once divorced their weaknesses became evident.
Neither really connected with the people very well. Rudd became rub, with his long winded speeches.

Julia on the other hand who was feisty as Rudd's partner, then she became a controlled automaton as Prime minister when delivering oratory.

Where the feisty lady went we'll never know, her minders created a bit of a bore because everything sounded like a sermon.

The sooner politicians realize that people are crying out to see real personalities instead of manufactured ones the better.

As for the future, Labor needed a wake up call and they got one, in fact they got what they deserved.

Tony Abbott ran a tight campaign and deserved to win because Labor gave government to them on a plate.

Will they come back from defeat, yes, why, because even the Coalition needs a strong opposition to govern properly. They'll be back!

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