12 Sep 2013

Refugee journalism is alive and well! Will they tell us that refugees are real people?

REAL journalism is alive and well!

So it was easy for two guys to get aboard a smugglers refugee boat and take a trip to Australia, how come you might say, how come indeed.

If journalists can do it why in the world haven't our federal police or the Indonesian police been able to catch many smugglers in the act.

Fishing boats always smell of fish but this story highlights just how hard it isn't to catch these smugglers, if everyone was fair dink um about it and no one was pocketing money on the side.

I wonder what these journalists found out about the smugglers plans for all the old busted boats that are being taken out of dumps to sell to the Australian government.

I look forward with glee to read of their experiences dealing with the smugglers and fellow refugees.

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