23 Sept 2013

We desperately need a Minister for the Rehabilitation of Politics?

Do we need a Minister for the Rehabilitation of Politics? Do we ever!

 To begin to rehabilitate politics
Over the past decade or so politics has won for itself a very poor reputation. One of the most important positions in the new government will be the Minister for the Rehabilitation of Politics.

She will lead national action to return politics to the situation in which it can again be respected and taken seriously. She will give the Productivity Commission a reference on  The nature of truth in public policy, the meaning of a political mandate and the Keynesian Principle of Altered Circumstances.

 A Summit will be called in the first 100 days at which parliamentarians and media representatives will chart a new course for interviews relating to public policy matters, using the interview between Kerry O’Brien and Clive James as a case study in how true opinions may be decently canvassed.

Legislation will be introduced under which harsh penalties will be meted out to workers in the media who rush along as if no matter is important enough to spend real time on.

Those who engage in ‘gotcha moments’; who interrupt their interlocutor; and who willfully misrepresent any matter, however important, on a front page will be severely dealt with.
Within 100 days the public will again trust and like their politicians and the political process.

Policy issues – big and small – will be discussed in pubs and restaurants the length and breadth of the land, and all of those who spoiled their ballots on 7 September will feel slightly ashamed.

Once fully operational we will no longer hear of hair colour, the size of a rear end, clothing descriptions or swimming and cycling attire. Will not that be something to look forward to, yes, yes we can, can't we.

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