10 Oct 2013

Legless but never had a drink! A two for one deal that sucks!

Antonio Cesar Victorio is legless after amputation of wrong leg a bungle at Rio de Janeiro's Pedro Ernesto University Hospital                                      "It wasn't us, we know nothing?

Doctors amputated the wrong leg on a patient, leaving him legless. Source: Supplied
A BRAZILIAN hospital says a patient has been left legless after going into an operation to amputate his right leg and having doctors remove his left.
Marilda Santos is the spokesperson for Rio de Janeiro's Pedro Ernesto University Hospital. She says that on Friday doctors were supposed to amputate the right leg of Antonio Cesar Victorio, who suffers with diabetic kidney failure, but instead they removed his left leg.
The patient's daughter then told doctors they had removed the wrong leg and then they amputated the other leg as well.'
She says the hospital is trying to determine if doctors committed a medical error or if they "removed the left leg because it too was compromised by the patient's disease.''
A medical error or a complete stuff up, I think it's the latter.
His daughter told the newspaper that the family plans to sue.
I wonder why!

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