14 Oct 2013

PUP Party's first bite is too hard to chew. Mind you they are still only puppies?

PUP:Repeal of carbon tax could cost government $10bn!

CLIVE Palmer is demanding Tony Abbott repeal the carbon tax retrospectively and refund billions in revenue, that would enable the businessman to escape a $6.2 million disputed charge for emissions.
Mr Palmer's push would force the government to refund the $3.6 billion raised last financial year and $6.5bn in receipts forecast this year.
The PUP party has a lot to learn, and this proposal proves how inept they are, or perhaps how dangerous they are.
Clive Palmer and the Palmer United Party has formed an alliance with the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party's Ricky Muir, giving the bloc four of the six cross bench votes needed to pass legislation in the Senate this make their votes essential to the government.
The Coalition's election promise to scrap the tax is not retrospective, and they can't afford such largess if they are to be taken seriously as money managers.

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