31 Oct 2013

The US says TRUST US WE KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE WORLD. We've heard it all before, we remember.

Didn't this guy say.YOU CAN TRUST US once upon a time?

NSA director Keith Alexander speaks out.
Earlier in the week he told us in NSA's defence that none of their surveillance was not indiscriminate. Which tells us that people were targeted,
The director of the National Security Agency conceded on Wednesday that it may need to scale back some of its surveillance operations on foreign leaders, in the wake of an international outcry.
Launching a public defence of the NSA for the second time in as many days, Alexander acknowledged that limiting the programme may be necessary in order to maintain diplomatic relations. “I think in some cases the partnerships are more important," he told an the audience.(Wow! this guy is smart, it shows us that soldiers are not the best at diplomacy)
Alexander also issued a flat denial of a new leak from whistleblower Edward Snowden published by the the Washington Post as Alexander spoke, which claimed that the NSA was able to intercept Google and Yahoo user information as it was transferred between data centers.(Should we believe Edward Snowden or Alexander)
Partnerships between Washington and several European nations, particularly Germany, have come under extreme strain since they confronted the US about the NSA intercepting phone calls.
The White House is now suggesting that some restrictions on foreign-focused surveillance are forthcoming – something that Republican  US legislators have balked at.
But the NSA (ex-army) director, who spent much of his time defending his embattled agency, suggested that there would be deleterious security consequences to scaling back foreign-leader surveillance.
The general, – described the most controversial of NSA’s programs, the mass collection of Americans’ phone data, as a “hornet’s nest”.