29 Nov 2013

Fuk you shima has made a Fukuppy I think?

By Bella Mackie
'Fukuppy is not the first, and will not be the last, marketing error of this magnitude.' Photograph: Fukushima Industries

A Japanese refrigeration company rather unfortunately called Fukushima Industries has faced embarrassment this week, after it unveiled a cartoon egg mascot named Fukuppy. Not only did the name provoke amusement in the English-speaking world, it also seemed to suggest that the firm might be linked to the Fukushima disaster of 2011. The company is actually based miles from the nuclear site, but it didn't stop people from making jokes about an apt name for a mascot. The company has since changed the English name to the Japanese characters on its website. Fukuppy is not the first, and will not be the last

I ear you very well!

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Abbott must explain backflip on education

Is this Super education for the rich once again, at the expense of public education once more!

Abbott must explain backflip on education:

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Catholic Church, power to be devolved away from the Vatican?????

I am not a Catholic but those that are tell me that Francis is like a breath of fresh air, however they don't think he will be allowed to make the changes required.(Popes have been killed in the passed)

The suggestion that the Catholic Church, power to be devolved away from the Vatican came from the top.

Yes it's true in the first major work Pope Francis he has written he says just that.

He is open to suggestions to changes in the power of the papacy and he also warns that rising global economic inequality("The rich getting too rich") is bound to cause conflict eventually.
His statement that he preferred a Church that was "bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rings true for many people.
They see a Church that it is shielded from life and it therefore clings to its own security ahead of everything else.
He said the Church has to get over the attitude that says: "We have always done it this way."
He also appears to restate the Church's opposition to abortion but concedes that "it is also true that we have done little to adequately accompany women in very difficult situations,... especially when the life developing within them is the result of rape or a situation of extreme poverty". "Who can remain unmoved before such painful situations?"
Another of his statements I'm afraid is wishful thinking as you can see.

"I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor!" 

I would ad, priests to the people we wish were more genuine and disturbed by the state of society, and the lives of the poor!"


27 Nov 2013

England is where you speak English? NO YOU DON'T! Domino Pizza's tones down order to stop employees speaking foreign languages at work | Mail Online

English is 1st, second,third or fourth....maybe!

Domino Pizza's tones down order to stop employees speaking foreign languages at work | Mail Online:

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Climate denialists congratulate Australia during Warsaw talks

Climate denialists congratulate Australia during Warsaw talks:

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Abbott's quantum of truth about Gonski is beyond belief.

Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott have found a new word

The quantum of truth is being dealt a very large blow by Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott.
They have now found a convenient black hole in the last governments education budgeting, what a load of rubbish, I wonder is it the same quantum of black hole?

Their continued use of the term "the same quantum of money" means nothing to the states that signed up to Gonski, it is stretching the truth, it means the government may allocate the money in any way they wish, it does not have to conform with Gonski at all.

So what do they really mean, what we will get under"The same quantum of money" is the shifting the goal posts, instead of increasing the funding to public schools they will give the increases to the private and catholic schools.

The Coalitions roots are in private education, most of them come from a private schooling, they see no reason to change a system that has served them so well, as for honoring an election promise, well we've seen it all before, and now, another black "hole"?

In other words they will take education two steps back instead of moving education forward as Gonski suggested.

Gonski tells us that the education in this country is out of kilter, private schools have long been over subsidised at the expense of the public system and now it needs to be a more balanced system.


26 Nov 2013

Christopher Pyne is to busy to be a real minister for Education???

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne is too busy to meet the expert panel that devised the so-called Gonski school funding model to have them explain how it works before he discards it.

As for meeting the Gonski panel at all, Mr Pyne said he was too busy.

‘‘No, I’ve studied the Gonski model closely he said and I have to get on with the job of being the education minister,’’
So we now have such an ego in charge of Education he doesn't need advice from anyone, even the experts!

Then he followed this up with these pearls of wisdom ‘‘I think we’ve had a lot of talk, a lot of conferences, a lot of reports, a lot of analysis of those reports, we’ve had an election campaign, we’ve had election policies from both sides. It’s time for the government to be allowed to get on with the job and that’s exactly what I intend to do.’’

Mr Pyne intimated that his so called analysis showed him that the hole Gonski thing was a complete mess.
In fact Christopher you voted for this so called mess and you passed it into law mate.

No Christopher, this is about you increasing the money to private schools buddy and you know it, you do not believe in equal opportunity, your philosophy does not embrace equality.


19 Nov 2013

My brain told me to do it, it's not my fault, you've got to believe me judge!


Ian Sample

US courts see rise in defendants blaming their brains for criminal acts

Criminal courts in the United States are facing a surge in the number of defendants arguing that their brains were to blame for their crimes and relying on questionable scans and other controversial, unprovenneuroscience, a legal expert who has advised the president has warned.
Nita Farahany, a professor of law who sits on Barack Obama's bioethics advisory panel, told a Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego that those on trial were mounting ever more sophisticated defences that drew on neurological evidence in an effort to show they were not fully responsible for murderous or other criminal actions.
Lawyers typically drew on brain scans and neuropsychological tests to reduce defendants' sentences, but in a substantial number of cases the evidence was used to try to clear defendants of all culpability. "What is novel is the use by criminal defendants to say, essentially, that my brain made me do it," Farahany said following an analysis of more than 1,500 judicial opinions from 2005 to 2012.
The rise of so-called neurolaw cases has caused serious concerns in the country where brain science first appeared in murder cases. The supreme court has begun a review of how such evidence can be used in criminal cases. But legal and scientific experts nevertheless foresee the trend spreading to other countries, including the UK, and Farahany said she was expanding her work abroad

Australian and Indonesian relationship sinking like the boats!

My thanks to Professor Damien Kingsbury for his input. 

Indonesia and Australian relationship.
Where do we go from here?

The otherwise unstable relationship has been marked by brief periods of stability. A few years of good relationships has made Australia lazy, they didn't have to work at the relationship and they didn't.
However Indonesia is always highly sensitive around issues of sovereignty, they didn't like the Abbott government’s policy of paying villagers for information about people smugglers or the idea of of buying potential people-smuggler boats.
Now we have the spying issue. How has the  Coalition handled it, well you would not say with diplomacy, in fact you would have to say amateurishly.
Instead of offering to look into the matter and to deal with it in a diplomatically what do we have, a bull in china shop attitude(we don't answer questions about intelligence).
Making an election promise without first talking to the principal who is affected, Indonesia,  was really stupid and not really thought through.

The Coalition government is quickly learning, the difference between  election promises and governing.
I am no fan of Alexanda Downer however I'll bet he is shuddering at the Coalitions handling of these matters.
Our relationship was officially described, on both sides, as the best it has ever been. Now I'm not so sure, the Coalition is now on a steep learning curve and I hope for our sake they can accept advice from our diplomatic core  and stop blundering about as if Indonesia is the government of Australia and they are still in Opposition.
Indonesia has long had suspicions about Australia’s intentions, there are many senior Indonesian politicians who still hold those views, they think they are now being confirmed.
The government’s “bull in a china shop” attitude to diplomacy is going to test Indonesia’s patience.
"How one is seen to act is as important as the act itself."

11 Nov 2013

ATTACK OF THE SPLASH BACK! A helpful warning to Australian men.

By Nick CollinsScience Correspondent

How to avoid 'splashback' in a public lavatory

Key to avoiding "splashback" is a close approach and narrow "angle of attack" US scientists find after analysing fluid dynamics of male urine stream

Men wishing to avoid "splashback" when using a lavatory should approach closer and adopt a narrower "angle of attack", according to US scientists.
Prof Tadd Truscott and Randy Hurd of Brigham Young University in Utah filmed streams of liquid as they hit lavatory walls, and analysed the resulting spray.(good to see research dollars being well spent)
They discovered that a smooth stream causes less spray than droplets, meaning it is advisable to be as close to the target as possible, and that angling the stream sideways or downward could also help, as could sitting down to urinate.(this depth of research is great to see, who would have guessed, closer and straighter,WOW!)
The research was "in response to harsh and repeated criticisms from our mothers and several failed relationships with women", they joked in a summary of their findings.
But the scientists told the BBC their study, which will be presented at a meeting of the American Physical Society, could help solve a "real problem".

10 Nov 2013

A CHILD ONCE. Don't forget when you were.

Once we were children

We liked to have mum kiss it better
Why was the bed damp in the morning?
We want to be a little bit bigger
Wanted to be that bit taller, that's all!
To stop wearing shorts, having plats
Wearing long skirts, trousers and all that
We were allowed to play out, until it was dark
Then we walked to school all on our own!
We sneaked things we we're never allowed to eat
We thought to be clever was every thing
Wanted mum and dad to always care
Never thought what we did frightened them
Then we started to do more things on our own
Feeling more grown up every day
Going to the movies on our own
Seeing girls and boys in a different ways
Though we were still just children in lots of ways
Then our bodies they begin to feel sort of strange
And the child started to fade, fade completely away
The change to adult was on its way
We never noticed when the whole thing started
Never knew when the child departed
It’s gone away now, and now we know
We can't go back, we don't need to grow
Though sometimes we'd like to dream again
To be children again and have the childhood things
In some ways I think it would be good, good for a day
Then I remember how I wanted to be tall
And how I got here and that's about all
I am past it now and it’s all right
I don't need a light at night
Would not it be nice to think like a child
Just once in a while, to remember the way
We used to play at life, it was not real of course
But now, well it’s real of course
Always remember how to play, it gets you through the day

Stephen. W.T. Read (2010)
This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968,no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Stephen W T Read of Unit 8/40 Storey Street Curtin Canberra ACT 2605 Australia

Nature, the great sky above us.


Well there it is, do you see it, the sky?
An expanse so great and perfectly still
It’s so very clear and how very blue
Can this be, can this really be true?
Maybe this is a dream,  I wonder will it go away?
No, this sky is mine, all mine,  always mine it will be
It has always been there, above this great land
All we need do is look up, and there it is to see
Goodness me it's free, yes, and it’s always free
It lives just there above us, just to look upward you see!
This wide flat land we live on gives us wondrous things to keep
Just file this one in memory and make the memory deep
Because this gift is special, special in its own right
Even as it changes from daylight into night
It’s called a perfect sky and now we know why
It's our Australia, where our land meets the sky
This ancient land of our brothers, the mother of their birth
Brought the sky above us down to meet the earth
As I look out of the window from my hospital bed
I feel my wondrous sky just nestling there above my head
So I close my eyes in comfort and slowly go to sleep
Knowing in the morning light, the sky is coming just above my head
It’s mine you see. When I look at my sky it frees me from this bed
That’s what my sky does for me.

Look up, you see? You can have your own sky too!

Your very own sky that frees the mind of all earthly things
S.W.T.READ 2013

9 Nov 2013

Abbott diplomacy. Tough line with Indonesia doesn't wash, diplomacy is just that, being diplomatic. Coalition is not the Opposition anymore and Indonesia is not the opposition.

You can't use bullying tactics with your important neighbours
Wake up Tony you are the PM, not the opposition leader.

Indonesia has declared it will refuse to take back asylum seekers rescued by Australian ships, casting doubt over the government's ''turn back the boats'' policy.

A mid-ocean stand-off between the two countries continued on Friday night off Java as Indonesia said it would not take a group of boat people who made a distress call on Thursday unless there was a threat to life.

The incident has significantly raised tensions over the people-smuggling issue given the already strained relationship between the countries over revelations of widespread spying from the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

This is not the face of diplomacy

The United States. A world leader or the lapdog of Israel as usual!

The tail(Isreal) is still wagging the dog(A real big dog)

American influence in culture, science and education around the world took a high-profile blow on Friday after the US automatically lost voting rights at Unesco after missing a crucial deadline to repay its debt to the world's cultural agency.
The US has not paid its dues to the Paris-based UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation in protest over the decision by world governments to make Palestine a Unesco member in 2011. Israel suspended its dues at the same time and also lost voting rights on Friday.
Under Unesco rules, the US had until Friday morning to resume funding or explain itself, or automatically lose its vote. A Unesco official, who was not authorised to speak publicly about the issue, said nothing was received from either the US or Israel.
The suspension of US contributions, which accounted for $80m a year – 22% of Unesco's overall budget – brought the agency to the brink of a financial crisis and forced it to cut or scale back US-led initiatives such as Holocaust education and tsunami research.
America's financial status must must be bad if it cannot afford $80m. or is it that this little dogs tail can control this big dog in everything they do. A joke, no it's not, it's unbelievable for the nation that leads the free world can be dictated to by Israel.                          
Many in Washington are worried that the US will become a toothless Unesco member with a weakened voice in international programmes such as fighting extremism through education and promoting gender equality and press freedoms.
Surely fighting extremism through education and promoting gender equality and press freedoms are some of Americas highest beliefs.

8 Nov 2013


The Coalition has proved itself to be a denier of climate science after its decision not to send a minister to United Nations climate change talks in Poland.
Why should we be surprises in the slightest, Tony Abbott has never shown any acceptance of the science behind climate change.
Australia is a joke, by not sending a minister we are indicating our lack of interest in the subject.
Just recently we've heard John Howard tell a London audience that those of us who accept that climate change is real are a bunch of ‘religious zealots’, and that he'd rather trust his ‘instinct’ rather than the the world's climate scientists.
Then we had our PM Tony Abbott accuse the United Nations climate chief of ‘talking through her hat’.
Tony Abbott just doesn't believe in climate change.

5 Nov 2013

Australian labour is very productive. WHAT ABOUT CAPITAL INVESTMENT it's been asleep for years!

Poor productivity: blame low capital investment.

The other side of the productivity coin is – sometimes good workers should blame their tools or equipment, it's often outdated.

Production line
If your CEO invests in sub-standard equipment, your productivity as a worker will suffer. Photograph: Julian Smith/AAPIMAGE

                                                                                             The productivity debate in Australia is massively distorted by a blind spot, revealed again by the lack of coverage of the annual national accounts figures released on Friday, which showed labour productivity increased but capital productivity fell.

Labour productivity and capital productivity (which measures the increase in output per dollar spent on capital expenditure) combine to produce the overall productivity measure known as “multi-factor productivity”. Australia’s multi-factor productivity has fallen seven out of the past 10 years, yet during that time labour productivity has continued to rise, while capital productivity has fallen.
And yet it is the labour side that gets the attention and criticism.
Imagine for a moment that labour productivity had fallen 3.8% in the past year as had capital productivity (the second biggest such fall in the past 18 years). Imagine as well that labour productivity was now 27% below where it was in 1995.
Our nation’s serious newspapers would be filled to overflowing with editorials about the urgent need for politicians to do something about productivity. There would be calls from business groups like the Business Council of Australia for industrial relations legislation to be changed urgently to arrest the slide.
Labour productivity in Australia is now 48% above where it was in 1995.

In the past year, gross value added (output in real terms) per hour of labour grew by 2.1% – well above the 35-year average of 1.6%.

For the 18th year in a row, labour productivity in 2012-13 grew faster than capital productivity.
And in 2012-13, for the 11th consecutive year, capital productivity has declined.