10 Nov 2013

A CHILD ONCE. Don't forget when you were.

Once we were children

We liked to have mum kiss it better
Why was the bed damp in the morning?
We want to be a little bit bigger
Wanted to be that bit taller, that's all!
To stop wearing shorts, having plats
Wearing long skirts, trousers and all that
We were allowed to play out, until it was dark
Then we walked to school all on our own!
We sneaked things we we're never allowed to eat
We thought to be clever was every thing
Wanted mum and dad to always care
Never thought what we did frightened them
Then we started to do more things on our own
Feeling more grown up every day
Going to the movies on our own
Seeing girls and boys in a different ways
Though we were still just children in lots of ways
Then our bodies they begin to feel sort of strange
And the child started to fade, fade completely away
The change to adult was on its way
We never noticed when the whole thing started
Never knew when the child departed
It’s gone away now, and now we know
We can't go back, we don't need to grow
Though sometimes we'd like to dream again
To be children again and have the childhood things
In some ways I think it would be good, good for a day
Then I remember how I wanted to be tall
And how I got here and that's about all
I am past it now and it’s all right
I don't need a light at night
Would not it be nice to think like a child
Just once in a while, to remember the way
We used to play at life, it was not real of course
But now, well it’s real of course
Always remember how to play, it gets you through the day

Stephen. W.T. Read (2010)
This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968,no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Stephen W T Read of Unit 8/40 Storey Street Curtin Canberra ACT 2605 Australia

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