27 Nov 2013

Abbott's quantum of truth about Gonski is beyond belief.

Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott have found a new word

The quantum of truth is being dealt a very large blow by Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott.
They have now found a convenient black hole in the last governments education budgeting, what a load of rubbish, I wonder is it the same quantum of black hole?

Their continued use of the term "the same quantum of money" means nothing to the states that signed up to Gonski, it is stretching the truth, it means the government may allocate the money in any way they wish, it does not have to conform with Gonski at all.

So what do they really mean, what we will get under"The same quantum of money" is the shifting the goal posts, instead of increasing the funding to public schools they will give the increases to the private and catholic schools.

The Coalitions roots are in private education, most of them come from a private schooling, they see no reason to change a system that has served them so well, as for honoring an election promise, well we've seen it all before, and now, another black "hole"?

In other words they will take education two steps back instead of moving education forward as Gonski suggested.

Gonski tells us that the education in this country is out of kilter, private schools have long been over subsidised at the expense of the public system and now it needs to be a more balanced system.


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