11 Nov 2013

ATTACK OF THE SPLASH BACK! A helpful warning to Australian men.

By Nick CollinsScience Correspondent

How to avoid 'splashback' in a public lavatory

Key to avoiding "splashback" is a close approach and narrow "angle of attack" US scientists find after analysing fluid dynamics of male urine stream

Men wishing to avoid "splashback" when using a lavatory should approach closer and adopt a narrower "angle of attack", according to US scientists.
Prof Tadd Truscott and Randy Hurd of Brigham Young University in Utah filmed streams of liquid as they hit lavatory walls, and analysed the resulting spray.(good to see research dollars being well spent)
They discovered that a smooth stream causes less spray than droplets, meaning it is advisable to be as close to the target as possible, and that angling the stream sideways or downward could also help, as could sitting down to urinate.(this depth of research is great to see, who would have guessed, closer and straighter,WOW!)
The research was "in response to harsh and repeated criticisms from our mothers and several failed relationships with women", they joked in a summary of their findings.
But the scientists told the BBC their study, which will be presented at a meeting of the American Physical Society, could help solve a "real problem".