10 Nov 2013

Nature, the great sky above us.


Well there it is, do you see it, the sky?
An expanse so great and perfectly still
It’s so very clear and how very blue
Can this be, can this really be true?
Maybe this is a dream,  I wonder will it go away?
No, this sky is mine, all mine,  always mine it will be
It has always been there, above this great land
All we need do is look up, and there it is to see
Goodness me it's free, yes, and it’s always free
It lives just there above us, just to look upward you see!
This wide flat land we live on gives us wondrous things to keep
Just file this one in memory and make the memory deep
Because this gift is special, special in its own right
Even as it changes from daylight into night
It’s called a perfect sky and now we know why
It's our Australia, where our land meets the sky
This ancient land of our brothers, the mother of their birth
Brought the sky above us down to meet the earth
As I look out of the window from my hospital bed
I feel my wondrous sky just nestling there above my head
So I close my eyes in comfort and slowly go to sleep
Knowing in the morning light, the sky is coming just above my head
It’s mine you see. When I look at my sky it frees me from this bed
That’s what my sky does for me.

Look up, you see? You can have your own sky too!

Your very own sky that frees the mind of all earthly things
S.W.T.READ 2013