9 Nov 2013

The United States. A world leader or the lapdog of Israel as usual!

The tail(Isreal) is still wagging the dog(A real big dog)

American influence in culture, science and education around the world took a high-profile blow on Friday after the US automatically lost voting rights at Unesco after missing a crucial deadline to repay its debt to the world's cultural agency.
The US has not paid its dues to the Paris-based UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation in protest over the decision by world governments to make Palestine a Unesco member in 2011. Israel suspended its dues at the same time and also lost voting rights on Friday.
Under Unesco rules, the US had until Friday morning to resume funding or explain itself, or automatically lose its vote. A Unesco official, who was not authorised to speak publicly about the issue, said nothing was received from either the US or Israel.
The suspension of US contributions, which accounted for $80m a year – 22% of Unesco's overall budget – brought the agency to the brink of a financial crisis and forced it to cut or scale back US-led initiatives such as Holocaust education and tsunami research.
America's financial status must must be bad if it cannot afford $80m. or is it that this little dogs tail can control this big dog in everything they do. A joke, no it's not, it's unbelievable for the nation that leads the free world can be dictated to by Israel.                          
Many in Washington are worried that the US will become a toothless Unesco member with a weakened voice in international programmes such as fighting extremism through education and promoting gender equality and press freedoms.
Surely fighting extremism through education and promoting gender equality and press freedoms are some of Americas highest beliefs.

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