31 Dec 2013

Australia. Idiot adviser to Tony Abbott blames everything on climate, not the dollar,not high wages.

Climate policies helped kill manufacturing, says Maurice Newman..... and I say yes Maurice and I just saw a pig fly.

THE unprecedented cost of energy driven by the renewable energy target and the carbon tax had destroyed the nation's competitiveness, Tony Abbott's chief business adviser has declared.

 Maurice Newman also says climate change policies driven by "scientific delusion" have been a major factor in the collapse of Australia's manufacturing sector.

Perhaps it's a world wide plot to attack Australian industry, devilishly clever old man.

"The Australian dollar and industrial relations policies are blamed, but this is not so says Maurice., its that climate thingy policy.

For some manufacturers, the strong dollar has been a benefit, while high relative wages have long been a feature of the Australian industrial landscape they have no affect.

He does not mention the low wages paid to our competitors, this guy is a complete goose, is he really being paid by the government, if so for what? 
You mean its not cheese

30 Dec 2013

Cricket with out Kerry O'Keefe is like a hot dog without mustard!

A sad day is approaching, Cricket without Kerry O'Keeffe on the ABC!

ABC's iconic commentator is to give up it all up, we will no longer hear that great laugh and his sharp wit, it will never be same, whoa is me!

28 Dec 2013

When is a press conference not a press conference? When Morrison treats Australian are like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on bullshit!

When is a press conference not a press conference?
Answer: When it's like diarrhoea, no substance to it.

Morrison's last appearance was in September, since then a no show, what a wimp!
Now is he's hiding or just an arrogant pig headed politician who is treating us voters with utter contempt.

Mr Morrison has not appeared before the media in the mean time despite his office insisting he was not on leave.
His staff would not say when or whether the briefings would resume, saying the government would have more to say on this in the new year.

Reports will continue to be issued on arrivals and transfers and media conferences will be called as and when required to deal with any significant or serious events or announcements. his spokesman said.

In other words he will not be present to answer questions put to him by the press
Now even the press gallery veteran Laurie Oakes has criticised Mr Morrison's approach to the media, accusing him of arrogance. ''He sees it as getting at the press, but it's not. It's getting at the voters and eventually I think the voters will wake up,'' said Oakes.

24 Dec 2013

Abbott must learn diplomacy

Is it a bird, is it a plain, no its ABBOTT MAN

Tony Abbott might know how to win an election but he has no idea how to be a statesman in the world of international diplomacy, it seems that he has little understanding of how to act when he's prime minister.
I predicted this before he was elected, playing the opposition leader is very different to playing prime minister on the world stage.
He portrays a total immature leader and his silted style of talking on his overseas trips embarrasses me.
 I feel as if he is making us a  laughing stock, he has to wake up to himself.
I spoke to a guy in England yesterday and the first thing he asked me was how come we elected such an immature politician to lead the country and this guy is a Tory.

Article by Hugh White

Tony Abbott could hardly have got off to a worse start in managing Australia's most important and complex diplomatic relationship. If he does not change his tune, Beijing will start inflicting pain. Abbott seems not yet to understand how much pain it can inflict, on him and on Australia. He will soon learn. He is about to get a lesson on the nature of power.
China was already uneasy about Abbott before he became Prime Minster because of things he'd said in opposition about Chinese investment, Tibet and Taiwan. But its anger now is about the Abbott government's approach to strategic tensions in north-east Asia, especially between China and Japan.
Abbott will keep getting foreign policy badly wrong until he learns differently, and the Chinese are about to teach him 
Just as those tensions have been escalating sharply, Abbott has swung Australia dramatically away from an even-handed position towards strong support for Japan. To Beijing this is a clear move against it on an issue of vital importance. It is not just about who owns a few tiny rocks in the East China Sea. It is ultimately about how Asia accommodates China's growing power and ambition. Nothing matters to Beijing more.

19 Dec 2013

Weight conscious dead cat loving burglar strikes.

Is this a cat burgler?
Police search for overweight thief with a dead cat!

A SUNSHINE woman is devastated after her late husband's ashes were stolen in a burglary.
It is believed the offender forced entry through the front door of a house on Monica St between midnight and 8.30am on December 13.
The house was ransacked and a number of items stolen including a purple velvet box containing the ashes, a stuffed cat, a rare antique watch, an engagement ring and other items.
Jennifer told 3AW Radio she felt sorry for the thieves.
"I feel sorry for them (the thieves)," she said
"They obviously have no life. They even took my bathroom scales.

14 Dec 2013

Australian voters awake to a new day dawning. The weather forecast, a bad day dawning.

Tony Abbott's promise
I declare that Australia is under new management and that Australia is once more open for business.''
<i>Illustration: Rocco Fazzari.</i>
Illustration: Rocco Fazzari.

The first 100 days since the election ticks over  next week - it  has proved significantly more challenging than being an opposition.

We voted out a dysfunctional Labor government, now we are seeing the Real Coalition and we have not embraced them because they are acting like they do not no what they are doing.

The last two polls have the the Coalition in a much worse position than at the election. I fact the worst for a new government in Australian polling history.

Removing the carbon tax is stalled.
Stopping the boats is now a secretive military operation.
Co-operation from Indonesia is dead.
The budget's now a ''believable surplus'' may be or may not be.
No Australian-made cars will be on our roads of the 21st century.

His government's competency is being debated within his own party and its trustworthiness is being questioned by different interests domestically and international.

As for the promised steadfastness it has been methodically undermined by his ham-fistedness. 

His so called honesty in government, particularly honoring his pre-election promises is becoming joke.

Picking on the lowest paid, aged care workers and child care workers is a disgrace. His statement "We'll govern for all Australians" has fallen on it's face, how many more of these attacks on those less fortunate will he inflict.


10 Dec 2013

Australian government asks the low paid to hand back pay rise. Yes its true the land of a fair go. CRAP POLITICS!!!!!!!!


The Abbott government is asking childcare providers to “do the right thing” and hand back $62.5 million given to them to improve wages in the poorly paid sector, in a move slammed by Labor as a broken election promise.
The contracts were signed with the previous government, with the money to be spent in 1100 childcare centres to bolster the $19-an-hour wages of certificate III childcare workers by $3 an hour and the pay of early-childhood teachers by $6 an hour.

Asked whether it was cruel to be asking low-paid childcare workers to return money promised to them, Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley said: “Of course I feel for workers who might have expected a pay rise, but who led them to expect that pay rise?”
At a media conference in Canberra on Tuesday, Labor's child care spokeswoman Kate Ellis said the government had led child care workers to expect that pay rise when it promised to honour agreements.
Ms Ellis said the government's process was ''shambolic'' and ''cruel'' to child care workers before Christmas.
Ms Ley admitted she had no legal ability to force the childcare centres to repay the money, but said she “hoped” they would do the right thing.

8 Dec 2013

Ban the books, and this is in England

Primary school removes Enid Blyton's Famous Five children's classics so it could win a race equality award
  • Classics dumped because they had 'inappropriate ethnic stereotypes'
  • There were references to golliwogs and a dog with the N-word for a name
The clear-out was needed to get a Race Equality mark from the council ahead of the opening of a new school library, it was reported.
Children's classicChildren's classic
Axed: Two of the Enid Blyton children's books which have been banned from a school in Lancashire so it could win a race equality award

Sean Crosier, headmaster of the 196-pupil Huncoat Primary School near Accrington, Lancashire, told the Sun: 'We checked all our books. Some contained references that reflected outdated attitudes.'
Two of the offending stories were Blyton's Five Go To Mystery Moor and The Children of Kidillin. The much-loved author wrote more than 600 books before her death in 1968.

7 Dec 2013

To be a Bogan or not to be?

Bogan is a word that has lost its usefulness, it once was in common use to describe people as common or dumb and the people called bogan didn't know what it meant anyway, so it has worn out its welcome and and anyone getting upset about its use is living in the dark ages.
As for using the word in relation to voters or politicians perhaps there is a connection, for many of these creatures do follow their leaders blindly without showing any sign of using their thought processes.

 They are "bogans" because they do come from the dark ages.

6 Dec 2013

Flying dildo hits bucks party guest

Darting dildo attack something to remembered
HE best man at a wedding was left battered and bloodied after he was hit in the head by a fast-moving dildo.
The flying phallus left Darwin architect Jure Skumavc, 31, nursing a split forehead.
Mr Skumavc said he was injured by the bullet-shaped, pink, sex toy - measuring about 12cm in length - at a bucks party to farewell friend's Peter Rolih's bachelorhood.
Mr Skumavc was still sporting a scar on his forehead at Mr Rolih's wedding nearly three weeks after being dinged by the artificial dong.
The darting dildo drama unfolded on December 28 in a rented two-bedroom unit in Brisbane.
Mr Skumavc said about eight other friends joined Mr Rolih for the party.
He said a scantily clad exotic dancer appeared after awhile and was soon performing her party trick: shooting dildos at the guests.
Mr Skumavc said those who had seen the infamous ping-pong ball scene in the Australian film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert would know how the party trick worked.
He said the pink projectile was flying an impressive 7m across the room and looping about 2m high.
"It wasn't a strong shot (when it hit me in the head)," he said. "It probably just landed on an awkward sort of angle."
"She was shooting it through the room from one corner to the other," he said.
"Other people got it in their chest and knees. I was the only one bleeding. It was my turn and it landed straight on my forehead.
"She started apologising straight away but I just said it was fine ... then I touched my forehead and there was blood."
Mr Skumavc had difficulties describing the tearaway toy in detail.
"I don't have a massive experience with dildos," he said.
The scars left by the offending object have since healed, but Mr Skumavc said the story was still very much alive.
"People keep asking how close my face was (to cause that sort of injury)," he said.

When you have to go ... you just have to go.

They stole my dog while I was on the bog(toilet)

SOMETIMES when you have to go ... you just have to go.

But you don't necessarily expect your beloved pet pooch to be dog napped while you are sitting on a public toilet.
A 28-year-old Moil architect Patricia Abel who faced every dog owners' nightmare - an overzealous Darwin Council dog catcher who wanted a dog badly.
On Monday, she was out on her usual morning run with Pepper, not far from the Beachfront Hotel on Casuarina Drive, when a severe case of diarrhoea meant she needed to find herself a public toilet - and quickly.
"I was running and thought `oh my goodness' I really need the toilet so I was quite desperate to get to a toilet and it could not wait until I got home.
"I'd jogged past the last public park toilet and it was a few hundred metres back, so rather than take Pepper all the way back with me I tied her to a bollard thinking she would be fine for a few minutes.
"By the time I got back she was gone" said a distraught Ms Abel then flew into a frenzy, racing along the foreshore and onto the beach searching for her dog for about 45 minutes.
"I was in a panic. At first I thought I'd tied her on a different bollard, but after running up and down a few times I could not find her.
As it turned out a Darwin Council dog catcher just happened to be passing at that moment I entered the toilet, spotted young Pepper tied up and decided to take her away.
She was only in the loo for 10 to 15 minutes.
Ms Abel said she had to pay $330 to get her dog out of the pound, and was not impressed that council did not take her explanation into account.
She said "I spoke to the dog catcher and she was a little apologetic when I explained my situation, but at the same time she said I should have taken Pepper into the toilet with me."
"I just thought `really, is that really the right thing to do?'
Darwin Council last night confirmed it would refund Ms Abel the money. Apparently someone on the council had memories of a similar circumstance.

Toyota i-Road video review

Makes a mobility scooter obsolete.

Toyota i-Road video review:

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Nelson Mandela: in quotes

The most memorable quotations

Facing the death penalty, in a speech from the dock at the culmination of the Rivonia Trial in April 1964
 During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to see realised. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.
His release from 27 years in prison, addressing crowds from the balcony of Cape Town's City Hall on Sunday February 11, 1990
 I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands.
Racism, from his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, published 1994
 No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
On freedom, from his autobiography
 For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
Courage, from his autobiography
 I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. I felt fear myself more times than I can remember, but I hid it behind a mask of boldness. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
South Africa's return to the world stage, at his inauguration in Pretoria, May 1994
 Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world.
His trademark African shirts, August 1995
 Archbishop Tutu and I discussed this matter. He said to me: 'Mr President, I think you are going well in everything except the way you dress.' 'Well,' I said to the Archbishop, whom I respect very much, I said, 'Well, let's not enter a discussion where there can be no solution'.
A democratic future, in an address to the United Nations General Assembly, New York, September 1998
 As I sit in Qunu(Qunu is a small rural village in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province, 32 km (20 mi) south-west of Mthatha on the road between Butterworth and Mthatha) and grow as ancient as its hills, I will continue to entertain the hope that there has emerged a cadre of leaders in my own country and region, on my Continent and in the world, which will not allow that any should be denied their freedom as we were, that any should be turned into refugees as we were, that any should be condemned to grow hungry as we were, that any should be stripped of their human dignity as we were.

India says no to compromise on food for millions.

We will never compromise, says India about food security at WTO
India on Thursday shrugged off mounting pressure to compromise in a global impasse over food security that has cast the future of the World Trade Organization into doubt.

New Delhi's insistence that it be allowed to stockpile and subsidise grain for its millions of hungry poor has emerged as a major stumbling block at a WTO conference of trade ministers in Bali.

The WTO has warned that failure to reach a compromise on that and other issues could be a death blow to the body's 12-year-old effort to remove trade barriers, which is at a stalemate.

"This is a fundamental issue. We will never compromise," Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma told reporters at the conference venue on the Indonesian resort island.

Protectionist disputes, particularly between the industrialised and developing worlds, have made progress elusive.

Washington and some other trading nations Australia among them are said to feel the Indian position violates WTO limits on subsidies and fear stockpiled grain could end up on global markets, skewing prices.

The fact that the US is a major supplier makes one think that they are not interested in the starving people of India and more interested in their back pockets.

It is apparent to many that the WTO rule's favour rich nations.

"India speaks for the vast majority of people in the developing countries and the poor countries. India is not alone," said the Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma .

Trade ministers have issued stark warnings that a failure to close gaps in Bali would fatally wound the WTO's waning world influence.

Alternative regional pacts between major trading nations, such as the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership pushed by Washington are already pushing for agreements that sideline developing nations.

This would have "tragic" consequences for countless poor in developing countries around the world that are struggling to compete in the global marketplace.

Holden to fold, close up shop, piss off from Australia

Holden to fold, close up shop, piss off from Australia.
Do I believe it, really?
Why is it happening, well its because the Australian government is sick of subsidizing the industry in Oz even though they are aware that most governments around the world do exactly that and it is because it is a huge employer of labor along with the ability to manufacture defense material if required in an emergency.

The effect on manufacturing in Australia would be nothing short of catastrophic because where Holden goes Toyota goes.

So is it true that Holden will go, I don't think so, there are many reason, probably the one occupying some members of the government's mind more than others is the fact that should Holden be allowed to fold it would happen to close to the next federal election.

The loss of 50,000 or more jobs just before an election frightens the bejeezes out of many Coalition members because although they have a large majority nothing frightens the horses like huge job losses.
Frightened Horses
Sometimes get caught!

4 Dec 2013

Australians not entitled to help from overseas Australian consulates. Really????????

ABC is working with Guardian in Australia, RUBBISH and Andrew Bolt is a waste of space!

ABC working for Guardian. A sick joke by guess who?

, Guardian political correspondent  
  • Tony Abbott after some prodding by Andrew Bolt has accused Australia's national broadcaster of acting as an "advertising amplifier for the Guardian" by collaborating on the story that revealed intelligence agencies' attempts to tap the Indonesian president's phone.
  • Abbott indicated he would have had no problem with the ABC reporting the story once the Guardian had published but questioned the partnership, which led to a synchronised release.
If the story was done collaboratively why should ABC not release the story at the same time as the Guardian.

  • Both media outlets mentioned the collaboration with the other when covering the issue, why is there a problem with this approach to getting a story.
  • Andrew Bolt who is always out of control told Abbott the ABC was "out of control" and needed a new charter to deliver "some balance" yet Bolt himself presents the the most biased views of any TV presenter in the country with no attempt to give a balanced view..

Abbott had to muzzle Pyne the attack dog. He can't play big dog anymore.

"I suppose he's good for something after all."
Abbott had to put a choker on Pyne or have him put to sleep.

Smiling and chortling as he fought off opposition attacks in Parliament on Monday, Christopher Pyne brought to mind the adage that politics is like sex - you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it.
The federal Education Minister has created an A-grade political botch-up. Tony Abbott has had to intervene to rescue Australian schools from confusion and financial loss and his government from political calamity.
It's hard to see what Pyne was looking so pleased about, he was like a puppy that who ate your slipper, he couldn't see what he'd done wrong.
What were the most damning indictments that Tony Abbott made of the two Labor governments that preceded him?
That they suffered from ''chaos and dysfunction'' and that they broke a core promise - they ''lied''.

Pyne delivered exactly the same thing. He announced three versions of the one policy in the space of a week.
He threw thousands of schools into complete confusion about how much money they would have in a new school year just eight weeks away.

He brought a heap of anger down on his government because he is incapable of thinking before he opens his mouth, it did not matter while he was in opposition but now it's a different ball game.
Why would he do such a thing, well he's so used to barking at anything he can't help himself. Christopher Pyne is all about Christopher Pyne getting maximum exposure.

Christopher had better be more careful in the future because he is expendable, Tony Abbott will not allow his government to be made to look to out of control like the previous one.

Is this a future note in Abbott's diary