4 Dec 2013

ABC is working with Guardian in Australia, RUBBISH and Andrew Bolt is a waste of space!

ABC working for Guardian. A sick joke by guess who?

, Guardian political correspondent  
  • Tony Abbott after some prodding by Andrew Bolt has accused Australia's national broadcaster of acting as an "advertising amplifier for the Guardian" by collaborating on the story that revealed intelligence agencies' attempts to tap the Indonesian president's phone.
  • Abbott indicated he would have had no problem with the ABC reporting the story once the Guardian had published but questioned the partnership, which led to a synchronised release.
If the story was done collaboratively why should ABC not release the story at the same time as the Guardian.

  • Both media outlets mentioned the collaboration with the other when covering the issue, why is there a problem with this approach to getting a story.
  • Andrew Bolt who is always out of control told Abbott the ABC was "out of control" and needed a new charter to deliver "some balance" yet Bolt himself presents the the most biased views of any TV presenter in the country with no attempt to give a balanced view..

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