31 Dec 2013

Australia. Idiot adviser to Tony Abbott blames everything on climate, not the dollar,not high wages.

Climate policies helped kill manufacturing, says Maurice Newman..... and I say yes Maurice and I just saw a pig fly.

THE unprecedented cost of energy driven by the renewable energy target and the carbon tax had destroyed the nation's competitiveness, Tony Abbott's chief business adviser has declared.

 Maurice Newman also says climate change policies driven by "scientific delusion" have been a major factor in the collapse of Australia's manufacturing sector.

Perhaps it's a world wide plot to attack Australian industry, devilishly clever old man.

"The Australian dollar and industrial relations policies are blamed, but this is not so says Maurice., its that climate thingy policy.

For some manufacturers, the strong dollar has been a benefit, while high relative wages have long been a feature of the Australian industrial landscape they have no affect.

He does not mention the low wages paid to our competitors, this guy is a complete goose, is he really being paid by the government, if so for what? 
You mean its not cheese

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