2 Dec 2013

Do we want men wearing fake mammary glands and pumps in order to breast-feed so they can become The Woman of the house!.

Will women really allow men to take over?
There is a ghastly slippery slope towards men wearing fake mammary glands and pumps in order to breast-feed so they can stay at home.

I know, because I was once a child, that women are biologically better suited to looking after very young children. They have ample laps.

They like nothing better than spending the day wondering what pattern to have on the cupcake  or the pie pastry. They want to iron tea towels and sheets.

They enjoy comparing stretch marks????

New mums have an arrogance about work, they think that they can leave their jobs for a year, and not only be welcomed back, but be useful and productive.

Men are more logical, if they're away from the mine for a year, they would be a little more doubtful if  they would ever fit back in(or want to)

Women, despite the prodigious eating of leftovers, seem so buoyed by being able to give birth (something millions of women do every day) that they believe their mushy brains, always with 50 per cent ticking away about domestic minutiae, will click back into place when they turn up at work again.

Just because a woman has chosen to add a member to her family (why not take in your ancient gran, or a long-lost cousin?), businesses, and particularly small businesses, the bread and butter of this nation, will suffer.

And with men at home looking after the extra human drain on the planet, what will women find to do all day apart from eat? 

A woman will never leave the man alone to truly take over, it's a power thing you see, we are programmed to believe women are down trodden, when in fact it is the the man's place in the the world that is under concerted attack.


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