6 Dec 2013

Holden to fold, close up shop, piss off from Australia

Holden to fold, close up shop, piss off from Australia.
Do I believe it, really?
Why is it happening, well its because the Australian government is sick of subsidizing the industry in Oz even though they are aware that most governments around the world do exactly that and it is because it is a huge employer of labor along with the ability to manufacture defense material if required in an emergency.

The effect on manufacturing in Australia would be nothing short of catastrophic because where Holden goes Toyota goes.

So is it true that Holden will go, I don't think so, there are many reason, probably the one occupying some members of the government's mind more than others is the fact that should Holden be allowed to fold it would happen to close to the next federal election.

The loss of 50,000 or more jobs just before an election frightens the bejeezes out of many Coalition members because although they have a large majority nothing frightens the horses like huge job losses.
Frightened Horses
Sometimes get caught!

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