1 Dec 2013

Napthine creates abortion to save his government!

Five years after one of the Victorian Parliament's most divisive battles, Premier Denis Napthine has reignited the debate over women's reproductive rights, saying he would consider any attempt by balance-of-power MP Geoff Shaw to overhaul the state's abortion laws.

Dr Napthine who is a Catholic voted against the decriminalisation of abortion in 2008, now he is saying he would assess any move by Mr Shaw - or any other MP - to wind back the existing laws on merit.

A dead issue has been raised once again, this time by none other than Mr Shaw, he knows he has Napthine over a barrel.

They say power corrupts and Napthine is showing signs in so far as he is willing to deal with devil to retain power.

He is now saying he would allow a conscience vote on the issue, which could lead to a replay of the acrimonious scenes of 2008, when Labor and the Coalition split over the issue internally.
When the law finally passed after months of emotive debate, advocates of abortion decriminalisation believed the issue had been settled for good.

One year from the next election, Dr Napthine did not rule out helping to overhaul state abortion laws. ''There's a number of ways somebody could act to rewrite that legislation and I would make my judgment on the basis of what was proposed,'' he said.

Dr Napthine admitted writing to Mr Shaw advising him how to get legislation drafted to repeal sections of the Abortion Law Reform Act.

Now Napthine is saying it was a routine pro-forma letter.


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