6 Dec 2013

When you have to go ... you just have to go.

They stole my dog while I was on the bog(toilet)

SOMETIMES when you have to go ... you just have to go.

But you don't necessarily expect your beloved pet pooch to be dog napped while you are sitting on a public toilet.
A 28-year-old Moil architect Patricia Abel who faced every dog owners' nightmare - an overzealous Darwin Council dog catcher who wanted a dog badly.
On Monday, she was out on her usual morning run with Pepper, not far from the Beachfront Hotel on Casuarina Drive, when a severe case of diarrhoea meant she needed to find herself a public toilet - and quickly.
"I was running and thought `oh my goodness' I really need the toilet so I was quite desperate to get to a toilet and it could not wait until I got home.
"I'd jogged past the last public park toilet and it was a few hundred metres back, so rather than take Pepper all the way back with me I tied her to a bollard thinking she would be fine for a few minutes.
"By the time I got back she was gone" said a distraught Ms Abel then flew into a frenzy, racing along the foreshore and onto the beach searching for her dog for about 45 minutes.
"I was in a panic. At first I thought I'd tied her on a different bollard, but after running up and down a few times I could not find her.
As it turned out a Darwin Council dog catcher just happened to be passing at that moment I entered the toilet, spotted young Pepper tied up and decided to take her away.
She was only in the loo for 10 to 15 minutes.
Ms Abel said she had to pay $330 to get her dog out of the pound, and was not impressed that council did not take her explanation into account.
She said "I spoke to the dog catcher and she was a little apologetic when I explained my situation, but at the same time she said I should have taken Pepper into the toilet with me."
"I just thought `really, is that really the right thing to do?'
Darwin Council last night confirmed it would refund Ms Abel the money. Apparently someone on the council had memories of a similar circumstance.

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