31 Jan 2014

Are women more likely to cheat on a man with big balls?

Are women more likely to cheat on a man with larger testicles?

By Mark Prigg; Edited by; S W T Read

Scientists say there is a correlation between fidelity and the size of a males testicles?
Researchers studied primates and found differences in testicle size were reflected in female fidelity.
They found bonobos, who have particularly large testicles, mate in large groups whereas gorillas have small testicles and have a smaller number of partners.

'We can determine the degree of fidelity in the female by looking at the size of the male’s testicles,' said Petter Bøckman of the University of Oslo, who led the study.
It makes you wonder how or way they came up with this study, better still who funded it?

'If the male will only fertilise one female and has no competitors, he only needs sufficient sperm to reach the egg, therefore the small testicles.

'If the female mates on the side, it is smart to have as many cars in the parking places as possible.

'Then, the male must have testicles that are as large as possible. However in gorilla troops there is only one male, so, they don't need big balls!
Even though the gorilla has a small harem, he has no need for large testicles – his balls are tiny.

The team also studied the animals that have the largest testicles.
'Animals with short lifespans may have enormously large testicles,' the researchers said.
So I suggest you should take a look at your own if this study is correct, of course this depends on your age I suppose.

'In one type of grasshopper the testicles occupy half their body mass. The testicles are even larger in sea urchins.They spawn directly into the ocean. To increase the chance of fertilising an egg, the sea urchin is a huge testicle with a little shell around it.

The testicles of humans are one and a half times larger than those of gorillas, the team said. They say this shows that we are an unfaithful race by nature.

The professor said: 'This testifies with abundant clarity to life in our flock. 
'We can pledge our fidelity until we are blue in the face, but this is evidence that females are cheating.
Sorry ladies, this study tells us once again that us males are more faithful.

'We are not like chimpanzees, where the female has four or five sexual partners every time she is in heat, but there is always a certain likelihood that the neighbouring male has dropped by.

So what does this study really tell us, well it's a complete balls-up, that's all I can say.

Ear,Ear, Cosmetic clinics come up with A new money maker. Surgery to reverse sagging! EAR,EAR?

Now we're meant to panic about our EAR LOBES.
Yes ladies apparently now your ears can be made beautiful for a price.
First there were cankles? Then there was back fat. Last week we were told about swoobs whatever they were, mere moments after we'd come to terms with our big fat thutts?

But it seems the beauty industry hasn't yet run out of body parts they want you to detest, clinics yearn to rip up and rebuild, stuffed full of collagen and Botox anything they can.

Well, not quite yet, give them time.

Yes the object of their contempt now are our poor little earlobes!

Yes, try as they might to hide way up high behind hair and earrings, even these adorably plump dinky danglers are not safe from the surgeon's knife.

Most of us probably hadn't noticed our ears dangling lower than usual (or ever considered it much of a problem), cosmetic clinics are adamant that as we age our earlobes can begin to sag and grow longer, developing wrinkles and creases.

Guess what, they are here to help once again.


Abbott to dump ABC of its Foreign broadcast service. Why, News Ltd didn't win the contract?

News Ltd's bid for the right to the Foreign broadcast service was a loser, is this pay back for one of the Coalition's closest and strongest supporters.
Will we find that this same service will be resurrected by News Ltd once the dust has settled under another name.
Am I sceptical of the Coalition's motives yes. Do we want our news services to be dominated more than we already are, by News Ltd?

Heath Aston, James Massola:SMH:13/O1/2014

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has given a clear indication the government is moving towards stripping the ABC of its foreign broadcast service, the Australia Network.
Pressure inside the Liberal Party to act against the ABC, which Mr Abbott has accused of being unpatriotic, reached new levels on Thursday.
The majority of the Liberal Party room is said to be behind Mr Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in seeking ways to cut funding to the ABC and cancel the Australia Network contract.


No spitting, swearing or irritating people, Thank god they don't want the average Australian to sign up!!

By , Sydney
Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, has been accused of creating a “climate of terror” for asylum seekers after introducing a code of behaviour which threatens to deport those who swear, spit, irritate people or spread rumours.
Mr Abbott’s government revealed in December that asylum seekers who arrive by boat and are in Australia on temporary visas would have to sign a new code of conduct that bans harassment, bullying and disruptive behaviour.
Now a draft set of rules, leaked to refugee advocates, spells out the precise requirements for asylum seekers, saying they must not “irritate” people, “disturb someone”, spit or swear in public, or “spread rumours… or exclude someone from a group or place on purpose”.
“Antisocial means an action that is against the order of society,” the document says.
“This may include damaging property, spitting or swearing in public or other actions that other people might find offensive. Disruptive means to cause disorder or to disturb someone or something.”

29 Jan 2014

A TRIBUTE TO.....Pete Seeger. A legend dies

He wrote song that inspired many people around the word, and these same songs live on as if they were written yesterday.

These are songs that made people to think about the world and what we thought the world aught to be.

They were all pretty simple and easy to understand but they made the young feel as if he understood them, which was truly an awakening.

This was a time of threatening nuclear war, the Vietnam war and the awakening of black America.

Sadly man has not achieved very much since then, we still have wars that seem not to have achieved very much and a black person in America hasn't progressed as far as Pete thought they would.

We were blessed to have such a person with us for so long, he kept to his story and never gave in to the forces that opposed him.

He was called a Communist and worse and yet he did not waiver, he did what he could in his way. That was Pete Seeger's way.

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream,
I’d never dreamed before.
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war.
I dreamed I saw a mighty room,
The room was full of men.
And the paper they were signing said
They’d never fight again.
And when the paper was all signed,
And a million copies made,
They all joined hands and bowed their heads,
And grateful prayers were prayed.
And the people in the streets below
Were dancing ’round and ’round,
While swords and guns and uniforms
Were scattered on the ground.
Last night I had the strangest dream,
I’d never dreamed before.
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war.
By Pete Seeger

Australian Government Attacks ABC. What's new! The Coalition can't handle criticism even if it's just reporting.

(Aussie slang)
To balk at,Get angry about or simply refuse to do something.
A dummy is a pacifier
When a baby spits the dummy it just can't be pacified.

Abbott has a dummy spit again, why, well it appears that the dastardly ABC is just reporting allegations that are nothing but allegations, that's reporting the news isn't it?

Democracy and free speech are supposed to be part of the core values of the Coalition, yet we see over and over this same Coalition attacking our ABC.

Why, because the ABC cannot fight back.
They apparently also find some other newspapers rather annoying, however they don't want antagonise them to much or they will fight back.

Have we ever heard them attack any of the News Ltd organisation's media, NO.

I wonder could it be because this organisation has long since given up reporting on anything that might be embarrassing to the Coalition. In the Coalition's eyes they are the only papers that do true journalism and anything that deviates from that norm is considered ant-government.

Balanced reporting is reporting that does not offend them it seems, yet in the recent passed who are the ones that cancel press conferences and leave reporters with no alternative other than trying to guess what is really happening.

It seems to me that they would rather have a one party system, that way they could muzzle the press completely and could legislate to exclude any dissent by the public.

To me that sounds like a dictatorship or Communist state.
Hey, what am I saying this is Australia isn't it?

Man made Noise and Nature makes life, can you hear it?

I was driving just driving along
Dreaming, just looking out for myself
Then there was this guy, just standing by the road
 I picked him up, gave him a lift

His name was Zac he’s Australian
Sort of brown , oh, well really he’s black
A natural guy was this guy Zac
Natural yet more part of nature

What was this nature , his nature, was it real
I’d not heard of his nature before
Was it new, how could I find his nature
He said it was everywhere all around

It was in the air and on the ground
He said don’t you hear it, hear that sound
What sound I said, its silence that’s all I can hear!
 Yes he said, see, you heard it , you could tell he was glad

From him I’d heard the sound, the real sound!
The sound’s of nature fresh and clean sounds
They were sounds of nature, I’d not heard before
A special sound and now I’d taken the time to hear it!

Oh yes it was all around and if we study it, we’ll find its special
When we take time out we’ll learn how to hear
Then the more we hear the more we’ll learn to how to see
Nature’s sounds, there’s no admission their just free!

Yes then we learn what nature is, we see and touch and smell the air
We can wrap the sounds around us like a blanket of life
So what of Zac, well he taught me about his life
He taught me to take of nature what it’s free to have

We have to find the true things, the things that don’t lie
They are gifts given freely and we can make them ours
We can have them all the time, if we listen and see
All we need to do is to take the time and it’s free!
S W T Read 2010


28 Jan 2014

Some unionist are corrupt, WOW! Does that mean all unionist are corrupt. I don't think so......!

Some unionist are corrupt, surprise, surprise.
Corruption in unions ,yes, corruption in other walks of life, of course.

So what happens next.

The Coalition attacks all unionist and Senator Abetz refers to the '2001 Cole royal commission into the building and construction industry', which was nothing but a witch hunt that drew no conclusions.

I'm not suggesting for one minute that the latest revelations aren't alarming but using it to return to the Howard model is lunacy.
Senator Abetz's is suggesting that money was ''slushed around'' between unions and the ALP, given that the CFMEU was a donor to the party.
This is nothing but an attempt to attack the Labor party and to destroy the party.

I think the attempt by the government to draw a nexus between an allegation of crime and the way in which the party receives funds is a politically motivated effort by the minister.

This government hates unions and  it always has.'

The re-establishment of the ABCC, a body which removes peoples' rights at work and has no power to prosecute crimes, is an ideologically motivated threat to the rule of law of Australia.

Since the election, it has has been reported that the Abbott government will transform this enquiry into a broader royal commission on union "slush funds," that will scrutinise union officials and senior Labor politicians. This was before the recent allegations arose.

23 Jan 2014

He may be the Prime Minister of Australia....BUT??????

He may be the Prime Minister of Australia, but Tony Abbott is proving to be a piss-poor 007 when it comes to the spying game and not much better at Diplomacy.
So here's a handy cut-out-and-keep guide on surveillance and diplomacy that even a PM could follow.
Know Your Enemies 
No really. The very least you should do is to understand who is or isn't on your side before deciding who your 'marks' should be and remember what you say is as important as what you don't say.
I would say as a general rule, anyone with whom you are unlikely to go to war in the next ten years can probably be classed as allies. These will generally be countries without large reserves of oil. Anyone that doesn't fit that category could be a 'mark'.
Create A Plausible Back Story 
You're going to need an alias. One that no-one would possibly question, let's say you were a boxer at university, therefore you would not be expected to be too bright, but you were in England which is useful. You did not come from a broken home and you had a background in university  politics.
Be Subtle
It is vitally important that you don't draw attention to yourself. People will soon start to be suspicious of grand gestures such as over generous parental leave, so don't mention war to often either, or the environment.
Manipulate Your Appearance 
The art of disguise is one of the most powerful tools in your armoury. You will need to be able to transform yourself from over zealous fitness fanatic into a greying, sunken-eyed wreck faster than you can say 'second term.' You could also try wearing short-sleeved shirts occasionally or talking in an increasingly odd speech pattern, however you seem to be mastering an odd speech pattern already.
Gaining Secrets about the Opposition
The simplest way to learn really important secrets is by asking an Opposition member, or running a soft pencil over the writing pad of the person on whom you are spying, sometimes works. I was going to mention the internet but you must walk before you can run.
It's a good idea to make friends with Newspaper barons because they have vast resources, they can penetrate almost any security. Just remember you will have to pay them back one day. Don't be too disheartened if all you manage to reveal is a picture of a dancing penis with your face on it.
Stealing Evidence Undetected
Before you start rifling through people's personal items, make sure your own personal items are well hidden and remember where everything is positioned so that you leave no trace of your presence. So you should take a mental note of what Australia looked like before you came in and then you should return it to exactly the same state in which you found it.
Be Prepared To Travel 
Being a good operative may mean going to places you normally wouldn't. Like Russia, China, Tasmania any other places you are requested to visit.
If Your Cover Is Blown 
If you are caught in the act, why not try sticking your fingers in your ears, shutting your eyes, and going 'lalalalalalalalala'.
Then when forced into some kind of confession, whine like a scolded child and say that everyone else was doing it, so you don't see why you should be made an example of.

I think Tony that you will be alright if you follow these general guidelines. Good Luck Mate.

Living on $2.13 an hour and tips: the harsh inequality of the service industry | Money | theguardian.com

Living on $2.13 an hour and tips: the harsh inequality of the service industry | Money | theguardian.com:

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22 Jan 2014

Morrison attacks ABC,why they are reporting allegations only!

Scott Morrison can't stand honest reporting of any sort.
Would he lock up journalist's like Egypt has done.
Do we still live in Australia

Canberra Times

Michael Bachelard, Jonathan Swan

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison told 6PR radio on Wednesday that it was "a pretty poor effort" for the ABC to report the asylum seekers' claims of receiving burns because of treatment by the Australian navy. They were only claims Scott!

Despite video footage of the asylum seekers showing their burns, Mr Morrison said the claims were "unfounded, unsubstantiated, outrageous allegations against our navy and our customs and border protection service".
"I mean, there is [sic] been no police investigation in Indonesia," Mr Morrison added.

"People who get on boats have an incentive ... in running stories to try and discredit and undermine the strong border protection policies that we're running in Australia.
The ABC didn't dispute this, they just reported the claim.

When Mr Morrison was later asked during a press conference in Sydney whether an independent investigation should be conducted into the claims that Australian navy personnel inflicted burns on asylum seekers he avoided the question and rejected the mistreatment claims.

The minister has yet to provide evidence that an investigation has been conducted into the incident.

Scott Morrison seems to have a problem with the press of any sort, instead of attacking the press he should be using the press, this guy is a rank amateur, god forbid, hasn't he learn't anything!
Wake up Scott, don't wait for the press, create the news first you goose.

21 Jan 2014

The Tony Abbott conspiracy.Was this a joke, are there dark forces at work?

Replace Tony Abbott
What a dastardly act was it true?

Were the dark forces linked to former Liberal luminaries like Malcolm Fraser, Alexander Downer and Nick Minchin — all of these dignitary's are aghast at the under performance of the current Federal Government over the past few months.

As for Prime Minister Abbott, he has almost disappeared from the political radar, he seems unable to cope with the mess he has created, and as for press conferences his stilted performance in front of the camera's shows that he's terrified of real reporters asking real questions.

Were these luminary's really feeling so let down by Tony that they canvassed such an idea, we'll never know for sure.

Yet apparently such a plot was hatched on that little known DEATH STAR 'The Melbourne Club'.
Darth Vader, I am reliably told is not a member, however he may have been a guest speaker on occasion.
I digress however, The Melbourne Club is central to Australian Liberalism and Tony Abbott has never been invited. Bob Menzies was a member and so was Andrew Peacock and Malcolm Fraser. For years, the Club has played a central role in Victorian and the wider Australian establishment. Their power may have been eroded since Menzies and Harold Holt, but they still apparently pack a hefty punch.
No the plot does not thicken, sadly..... when the plotters realised who the alternative leaders might be, it became obvious to them that were in a bind should they wheel in Julie Bishop. No, she carries a tonne of garbage connected with the vicious misogyny campaign against Julia Gillard last year forcing her to defend wild and unproven allegations of impropriety.
Julie Bishop in some peoples opinion is a proven liar and has nothing in her favour except the fact that she has been sneaking through the LNP political vacuum for a long time.
No there's no one else, Malcolm Turnbull? He tried once and failed embarrassingly as party leader and so far shows no inclination towards another turn.
Sc these supposed plotters finally reached a conclusion, they would have to stick with, yes you guessed it, they have to stick to Tony for at least two years and pray fervently that his clumsiness will improve.
They are resigned to the fact that they will have to put up with the embarrassment in the mean time.
Flies hovering....maybe?

Abbott: Open For Business — And Multinational Lawsuits | The Global Mail

Abbott: Open For Business — And Multinational Lawsuits | The Global Mail:

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17 Jan 2014

Australian navy "inadvertently'' breached Indonesian territorial waters. Modern navigation rules out inadvertently doing anything like that!


AUSTRALIA has apologised to Jakarta after the navy "inadvertently'' breached Indonesian territorial waters during a border protection mission.
The apology, announced by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, follows an Australian Defence Force investigation. 
Mr Morrison said the government received information on Wednesday afternoon that Australian authorities had entered Indonesian waters on several occasions, in breach of Australian government policy.
"This was done unintentionally and without knowledge or sanction by the Australian government,'' he told reporters in Canberra.
 Excuse me the Navy is under orders from the government of the day, isn't it.
Mr Morrison said it was not Australia's policy to violate Indonesia's territorial sovereignty.
"It's regrettable and we have made the appropriate apologies," he said in Canberra.
Why, was it because they got caught out?
An urgent review has been ordered into the incident.
He said Foreign Minister Julie Bishop yesterday apologised to her Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa, he was travelling and unable to receive the message personally.
I wonder what Julie Bishop thinks of her colleague who seems to be undoing any work she is doing as Foreign Minister.

However, Mr Morrison said the apology was sent and a more formal apology will be provided to the Indonesian government via the Australian embassy in Indonesia.
Operation Sovereign Borders commander Lieutenant General Angus Campbell said he was advised of the breach on Wednesday afternoon after a routine report was examined by a border command official.
He said navy personnel did not know they had breached Indonesian waters at the time.
Pull the other one Angus Campbell, you know the truth but you can't tell us because you are a person in the services and are therefore also under orders from this OPEN government.
Mmmmm, "I always thought Indonesia wasn't
part of Australia, was I wrong, can't I navigate?

CANBERRA NEWS: ActewAGL silent on heatwave power outages. What a load of rubbish!


Customer confidentiality bullshit and total rubbish, it sounds Just like Scott Morrison, is ActeAGL on a war footing, are they about to be attacked by boat people or people smugglers.
Have they added a Retired General to their staff to handle this matter because it's to do with National security.
Who the hell do ActewAGL think they are, we the people of Canberra and the part owners are entitled to information, what if we have an aged relative that may be effected, aren't we allowed to know?

Vatican's answers are nothing but a cover-up as usual."It's none of our business", so they say.

UN rights committee grills Vatican on child sex abuse


“How can we address this whole systematic policy of silencing of victims?” asked committee member Benyam Mezmur, an Ethiopian academic. “There are two principles that I see are being undermined in a number of instances, namely transparency and accountability.”
Monsignor Charles Scicluna, the Vatican’s former sex crimes prosecutor, replied: “I am with you when you say that all of these nice words will not mean anything … if there is not more transparency and accountability on the local level.”
The Vatican insisted it had little jurisdiction to sanction pedophile priests.
“Priests are not functionaries of the Vatican,” Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s UN ambassador in Geneva, told the committee. “Priests are citizens of their own states, and they fall under the jurisdiction of their own country.”
Wasn't the church meant to protect me?
Victims groups, though, called such a defence hollow given the clear directions Vatican officials for decades gave to bishops to not turn their abusing priests in to police and to keep the cases in-house and confidential.

Scott Morrison hopes he's not pregnant? People send tampons!!

Perhaps they were sending him tampons in case he ever gets his monthlies back because it's obvious that his mind is not on the job at the moment, maybe he thinks he's pregnant.
He's obviously forgotten to hold press conferences, but given his possible condition I'll forgive him until his condition is diagnosed.

16 Jan 2014

Canberra: ActewAGL stupid or just pig headed!

ActewAGL work will deliberately leave Canberra suburbs sweltering today

Maintenance can't wait, what a load of rubbish.

There is no reason for ActewAGL to undertake so called essential maintenance when the temperatures are dangerously high, they are putting peoples lives at risk for no reason.

ActewAGL workers are also being exposed to these temperatures for no apparent reason, its maintenance, routine maintenance that can easily be delayed.

I once worked for ActweAGL and I can't believe how things have changed, they were once a caring organization, now their attitude, it appears to be, we don't care about our workers or the public.

Their planning must be up to s***t if they didn't realize that this work was planned for the hottest part of the year.

Surely with these high temperatures expected they would be expecting  extra emergency work to occur just because of the high temperatures and they would not be scheduling maintenance at this time.

Maintenance for bushfire mitigation is rubbish, and if it is, which I doubt, why wasn't it done before our bushfire season, come on pull the other one.
ActeAGL Management in 2014

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