8 Jan 2014

Are we Australians becoming to "Precious" about Tee Shirts at ALDI's

A screen shot from the Aldi webpage advertising Australia Est. 1788 T-shirts.

Aldi pressured to pull 'Australia Est. 1788' shirts, why because the shirts do not mention our indigenous people.

They want to label the range as racist and culturally insensitive to Australia's indigenous people, who inhabited the continent for tens of thousands of years before the arrival of the first fleet from England in 1788.

Come on people get off your high horse about this, it is not racial, it's a fact that was when Australia was established according to European settlement.
Yes the arrival of the first fleet from England was in 1788 fact.

I see no reason why it should be taken to be racial anymore than if a Tee shirt bearing the Aboriginal flag and saying The First Australians would be racial.

Could you see us white, yellow, green and black or blue Australians jumping up and down saying they shouldn't wear such things.

CRAP!!!  We are becoming so politically correct these days it's hard to open ones mouth without someone getting upset.

The original Australians do not have to be covered in cotton wool, they have grown up enough, surely, to tell the difference between a racial taunt and a statement of fact.

It seems to me that the only people who get really upset are are probably racists of a different kind, they take umbridge at almost any mention of race, in fact they seem to spend their lives examining every word spoken or written that could be miss interpreted as racist.

I would like to see this as the Australian flag, why, because the colors to me represent Australia.
Does that make me an ANTI-RACIST??

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