3 Jan 2014

Australian Health system. Is this a death by a thousand cuts. First a small fee, and then,and then?

Bill Glasson gives  qualified support to proposed new doctor’s fee

The former Australian Medical Association (AMA) chief hoping to replace Kevin Rudd as the member for Griffith and a great friend of Tony Abbot has offered qualified support for a new fee for visiting a general practitioner.

He agreed with having “an affordable price signal” as long as it was implemented in a way that did not affect the most vulnerable members of society.
A proposed $6 co-payment for visits to a GP is outlined in a submission to the Abbott government’s financial commission of audit, which will probably be included in the May budget.
Terry Barnes, a policy adviser has argued his GP co-payment proposal was a “fair and reasonable” way to ensure patients valued the health services they received, but suggested the fee might also have to be extended to emergency departments.
"If you can afford to pay, you should pay to keep the system fair and affordable."

So this is the first step in the destruction of Medicare as we know it, believe it or not the Coalition think the American system has merit.
They must be the only people on the planet who don't realise we have the best system in the world.

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