16 Jan 2014

Canberra: ActewAGL stupid or just pig headed!

ActewAGL work will deliberately leave Canberra suburbs sweltering today

Maintenance can't wait, what a load of rubbish.

There is no reason for ActewAGL to undertake so called essential maintenance when the temperatures are dangerously high, they are putting peoples lives at risk for no reason.

ActewAGL workers are also being exposed to these temperatures for no apparent reason, its maintenance, routine maintenance that can easily be delayed.

I once worked for ActweAGL and I can't believe how things have changed, they were once a caring organization, now their attitude, it appears to be, we don't care about our workers or the public.

Their planning must be up to s***t if they didn't realize that this work was planned for the hottest part of the year.

Surely with these high temperatures expected they would be expecting  extra emergency work to occur just because of the high temperatures and they would not be scheduling maintenance at this time.

Maintenance for bushfire mitigation is rubbish, and if it is, which I doubt, why wasn't it done before our bushfire season, come on pull the other one.
ActeAGL Management in 2014

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