31 Jan 2014

Ear,Ear, Cosmetic clinics come up with A new money maker. Surgery to reverse sagging! EAR,EAR?

Now we're meant to panic about our EAR LOBES.
Yes ladies apparently now your ears can be made beautiful for a price.
First there were cankles? Then there was back fat. Last week we were told about swoobs whatever they were, mere moments after we'd come to terms with our big fat thutts?

But it seems the beauty industry hasn't yet run out of body parts they want you to detest, clinics yearn to rip up and rebuild, stuffed full of collagen and Botox anything they can.

Well, not quite yet, give them time.

Yes the object of their contempt now are our poor little earlobes!

Yes, try as they might to hide way up high behind hair and earrings, even these adorably plump dinky danglers are not safe from the surgeon's knife.

Most of us probably hadn't noticed our ears dangling lower than usual (or ever considered it much of a problem), cosmetic clinics are adamant that as we age our earlobes can begin to sag and grow longer, developing wrinkles and creases.

Guess what, they are here to help once again.


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