4 Jan 2014

England's cricket is just not cricket! It's an embarrassment!


It’s the fifth time this series they have failed to put 200 on the board in an innings.

The batsmen have forgotten how to bat and now only the bowlers can bat, what the hell's going on, is this the same team who flogged Australia only a few months ago?

Where is the bulldog spirit in them, what have they been feeding them, they've turned into pussy cats or toothless tigers.

Even the Barmy army, who we can always rely on to lift their beloved team's spirits have lost there voice, is it something in the water or have they just turned to water like their team?

Whoa is me my beloved cricket has turned into something out of Huckleberry Fin, yes you got it, it's a white wash.

You  can probably hear my moans of despair every time an Englishman comes into bat, it's just not cricket, my world is ending.

The usual anticipation of a great contest has gone and I am left with what, a long series of disastrous batting collapses.  



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