13 Jan 2014

Queensland law isn't over the top, no, well take a look at this?

Queensland Police Commissioner apologises to motorcyclists. So he should after one rider says he was pulled over

  '21 times'

There is a saying, give someone an inch and they'll take a mile, it appears that Queensland police are doing just that.

They have been given powers that allow them to harass people at will and it seems that their superiors are encouraging police to be heavy handed, it seems that anyone that rides a motorcycle is fair game.
Jamie Edward Evans has filmed police quizzing him about his clothes, associations, friends, and line of work after he was pulled over at a Brisbane service station.
In the video, which has been posted on line, Mr Evans tells officers he's a member of a social motorcycling group called the Misfits and complains of being constantly pulled over amid the crackdown on criminal gangs.
Mr Evans tells officers he's fed up with being pulled over by police for no reason, and he says he has no respect for police.
When asked why he'd said he hated police, Mr Evans replies: because you've pulled me over 21 times for no reason and I've had two infringements and I've fought them both in court and won them both because they were bogus.
I've got no respect for cops, I'm sorry.''he said
Today Police Commissioner Ian Stewart once again apologises to any recreational riders being inconvenienced amid the crackdown.
He said there was an upside to the video: that it showed police carrying out a respectful and professional intercept.
Some good people in the community, including recreational motorcyclists, are going to be inconvenienced and I'm sorry if that's happened to Jamie,'' Mr Stewart told ABC radio.
But he said the footage showed a good level of respect on both sides, and a very professional intercept''.
Surely this type of harassment is starting to have the opposite effect with the public, police should be wary of putting people offside when they are over zealous in enforcing what is turning out to be a very cumbersome law.
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