21 Jan 2014

The Tony Abbott conspiracy.Was this a joke, are there dark forces at work?

Replace Tony Abbott
What a dastardly act was it true?

Were the dark forces linked to former Liberal luminaries like Malcolm Fraser, Alexander Downer and Nick Minchin — all of these dignitary's are aghast at the under performance of the current Federal Government over the past few months.

As for Prime Minister Abbott, he has almost disappeared from the political radar, he seems unable to cope with the mess he has created, and as for press conferences his stilted performance in front of the camera's shows that he's terrified of real reporters asking real questions.

Were these luminary's really feeling so let down by Tony that they canvassed such an idea, we'll never know for sure.

Yet apparently such a plot was hatched on that little known DEATH STAR 'The Melbourne Club'.
Darth Vader, I am reliably told is not a member, however he may have been a guest speaker on occasion.
I digress however, The Melbourne Club is central to Australian Liberalism and Tony Abbott has never been invited. Bob Menzies was a member and so was Andrew Peacock and Malcolm Fraser. For years, the Club has played a central role in Victorian and the wider Australian establishment. Their power may have been eroded since Menzies and Harold Holt, but they still apparently pack a hefty punch.
No the plot does not thicken, sadly..... when the plotters realised who the alternative leaders might be, it became obvious to them that were in a bind should they wheel in Julie Bishop. No, she carries a tonne of garbage connected with the vicious misogyny campaign against Julia Gillard last year forcing her to defend wild and unproven allegations of impropriety.
Julie Bishop in some peoples opinion is a proven liar and has nothing in her favour except the fact that she has been sneaking through the LNP political vacuum for a long time.
No there's no one else, Malcolm Turnbull? He tried once and failed embarrassingly as party leader and so far shows no inclination towards another turn.
Sc these supposed plotters finally reached a conclusion, they would have to stick with, yes you guessed it, they have to stick to Tony for at least two years and pray fervently that his clumsiness will improve.
They are resigned to the fact that they will have to put up with the embarrassment in the mean time.
Flies hovering....maybe?

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