9 Jan 2014

Tony Abbott is he wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes

REMEMBER THE FAIRY TALE The Emperor’s New Clothes?
Cunning swindlers sold an Emperor cloth that could not be seen, because it wasn’t there.
As the Emperor paraded naked in his new clothes ‒ cut from the invisible cloth ‒ none dared voice that they could not see the glorious new suit. The myth had been promoted, that any who could not see the clothes were unfit and stupid.

Only when an innocent child exclaimed the truth ‒ as children will ‒ that the Emperor was naked did the others dare concur.
Then the cry went out. Derision and mockery ensued.
Domestically and globally, the Tony Abbott Government seems increasingly exposed as baring it all.

The general public are starting to see that our dear beloved leader is still wearing his budgie smugglers in public for all to see, he does not exude the confidence you would expect from the leader of a country.

Abbott’s notoriety has spread like wildfire internationally.

He  appears already to have displaced Silvio Berlusconi as the Western world’s figure of laughter and embarrassment.
These five recent press items in the French press give us some idea of what they think of our dear leader.
The rise of a sexist redneck in Australia.
Abbott’s humiliation when Indonesia withdrew its ambassador because of his inept handling of the spying allegations.
He has lobbyist's for big polluters embedded in his government.
How he was foiled by the Senate carbon tax vote, which he could have negotiated.
His inept management is already blowing out the budget by his largess to the rich.
Will he start to realize he's not wearing any clothes, I hope so, because he's an embarrassment.

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