14 Jan 2014

What does pre-war Germany and Australia today have in common.

Many citizens of Germany were not aware of what was happening in their name because they were not told the true facts, in fact those facts were hidden from them.

After the war all Germans were held responsible for their government's actions.

In Australia we are being treated in the same manner by the present government, and we were the ones who were impressed by the statements of the Coalition in opposition which promised more open government.

Now, what do we have, a government that has closed up shop as far as giving information to the very people who elected them.

Are we the people going to be tarred with a similar brush as the people of Germany was tarred with.

Collectively, we will be held responsible for the good or bad deeds of our government, and as such we are entitled to be made aware of the government's actions, for those action's are taken in our name.

Whether we agree with the government's actions or not we are still entitled to be made aware of those actions.

The government's recent statements that this situation should be treated as if we are on a war footing or as if we were at war is beyond belief.

All we want is honest government and we are not getting anything like it!

Come on Tony Abbott you seem to me to be an honest bloke, if you aren't honest with us, we can only reach one conclusion, you know something you are not game to tell us. Mistrust can fester and once people feel as if they can't trust a government the rot sets in, look out Tony you are not immune to this virus!


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