26 Feb 2014

I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer | SBS News

The truth will out, lies often bite you on the bum.

I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer | SBS News:

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Australia's Guantanamo bay. No hope, No future! This is Manus!

Is this Australia's Guantanamo bay?

Our government, after creating a feeling of fear of refugees among the Australian people and making them feel that every refugees is a terrorist, they are now treating refugees as if they were terrorists and many Australians have bought the story lock stock and barrel.

They are now locking people up and telling them they have no hope, this reeks of Americas treatment of internees at Guantanamo bay. Alright we are not using torture but we are giving these people no hope and nothing much to occupy themselves with and we wonder why they are depressed.

As a human being I cannot condone this treatment even though we have been conditioned by this and the previous government to believe that they are not really human beings.
The similarity of the propaganda we have been bombarded with and the propaganda of the Nazi regime against Jews is frightening.

This is Australia, the land of a fair go, what a joke.

Okay we've stopped the boats but haven't we gone over the top with the way we are treating refugees, surely we as Aussies and are not we so dumb as to believe all this bullshit we have been fed.
Offshore processing is supposedly to hide the refugees from the Australian people, out of sight out of mind, well it just ain't working.

Tony Abbott's promise of open government is long dead if it ever started at all and I honestly believed that he might have been telling the truth. I feel like a total fool because we are now seeing a government that is the most secretive I have seen.

We the Australian people are grownups, we can handle the truth no matter how bad it is, when things happen that are out of our control we are entitled to know.

Please just tell us the truth, we are becoming a laughing stock around the world, why because no one knows what is going on, so they have to guess and so do we, we can't even mount a defense because we are kept  in the dark.

25 Feb 2014

Our new disability scheme is changing lives. Don't let the Liberals destroy it | Jenny Macklin | Comment is free | theguardian.com

Our new disability scheme is changing lives. Don't let the Liberals destroy it | Jenny Macklin | Comment is free | theguardian.com:

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Joe Hockey hasn't mentioned almost a billion dollars given to News Ltd because it's embarrassing.
Now he wants to put his claws into Medicare
Remember Joe we all pay for Medicare its not free!

After putting a wall around Medicare before the election we now have Hockey telling us Medicare is unsustainable.

We all know that the Coalition doesn't like Medicare because it doesn't fit their ideology of free market economic rationalism but Medicare has been and still is a great system. Governments around the the world look at our system because it is successful.

The Coalition should first look at the subsidies given to people to who could easily afford to have private health cover before hitting those who can least afford it. If the money saved was injected into Medicare it would make a hell of a difference.

I suppose the next cab of the rank will be Pharmaceutical Benefits, mind you, the well off are doing pretty well under that scheme as well due to generous means testing.


Being a doctor was once a job with great purpose. Now it's just a business | Nirmal Joshi | Comment is free | theguardian.com

Being a doctor was once a job with great purpose. Now it's just a business | Nirmal Joshi | Comment is free | theguardian.com:

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24 Feb 2014

Government pays back the clubs for support at the last election.

Kevin Andrews says this is just red tape!
No Kevin, this is for the public good buddy!

Thousands of pubs and clubs around Australia have applied for exemptions to a newly enforced $250 withdrawal limit on ATMs in gaming venues.
This was Labor government’s reform of poker machine laws, which was intended to tackle problem gambling.
The government invited venues to apply for exemptions in December, after failing to repeal the new poker-machine regulations before the cash machine limits came into effect on 1 February.
Venues must show the ATM limit would cause “unreasonable inconvenience to the community”.
A spokeswoman for the social services minister, Kevin Andrews, said the national gambling regulator had received more than 3200 applications for exemption. “These are in the process of being evaluated,” she said.

She didn't say what was obvious to any normal thinking person and that is that it appeared that the clubs were mounting a concerted campaign to have the regulations repealed. 
The high number of applications was “evidence of the excessive compliance burden this law places on the ATM industry”, she added.

So a burden on the industry comes before the burden it places on people who are prone to over spend on this type of gambling.

“The Coalition went to the election with a policy to cut this red tape burden, and plan on fulfilling this election commitment.”
It is not clear how many exemptions have been granted yet, however if we can read between the lines it means that most exemptions will be granted.
The commission estimated that about 41% of revenue drawn from gambling machines comes from problem gamblers.
ATMs are already banned in gaming venues in Victoria, a measure that has seen the amount of money lost by problem gamblers fall by $90 a session.



Tony Abbott defends Scott Morrison's bungling.

Tony Abbott defends Scott Morrison's, why nobody knows it's as if he has no replacement.

Surely Morrison has done enough damage to Australia, the language he used when referring to Indonesia and turning back the boats and now our reputation around the world with his stupid comments about someone murdered in our custody being the same as them drowning at sea.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended Immigration Minister Scott Morrison's bungled information about the death and violence on Manus Island, adding that there was "very little damage" to the detention centre and that the riot had been "dealt with".

He only mentioned someones death in reply to a question.

This is the same Tony Abbott that said he would show us a so a soft and caring PM if elected, rubbish, its was all about getting power and now its what he can get away with , he is no better than many that have been before him.

Mr Abbott also rejected any suggestions he might have lost confidence in the Immigration Minister, saying Mr Morrison was "strong and decent" and that Australians would not want a "wimp" defending their borders.

Maybe the question should have been, have you lost control of Mr Morrison.

"He’s doing a great job for our country. You don’t want a wimp running border protection, you want someone who is strong, who is decent and Scott Morrison is both strong and decent."

Tony Abbott you didn't mention honesty when referring to Mr Morrison I notice but then I suppose that's not a high priority is it.

23 Feb 2014

Minister Morrison is not competent, he covers his arse before he has facts.

Minister Morrison is incompetent, he can't even covers his arse properly.

In a statement issued on Saturday night, Mr Morrison admitted that much of the information he had given to the Australian public since Monday's riot was now in doubt.(Another Morrison foot in mouth problem, going of half cocked again)

During the week, Mr Morrison had claimed that the 23-year-old Iranian man killed on Monday night, Reza Berati, had been outside the centre when he died.

People decided to protest in a very violent way and to take themselves outside the centre and place themselves at great risk," the minister said on Tuesday.

Then in the Saturday night statement, Mr Morrison said he had new information that cast further doubt on that claim.

"The precise nature of these events are the subject of the review and police investigation that has been initiated," he said.

"It will be the task of that review and the police (PNG police) investigation to determine the facts of this incident."(So PNG police will be investigating themselves?)

He added that he had tried to update the public as information became available. (In other words when he knew he couldn’t cover it up)

But he wouldn’t  say whether G4S, the security company contracted to run the detention centre, had provided his office with information that suggested the incident had taken place outside the centre.

"I'm not going into the source," he said. (In other words yes, they probably did tell him just that)

He declined to comment on whether he believed that Mr Berati was necessarily behaving in a "riotous" manner, or what the behaviour of G4S staff were at the time of the incident.

"I'm not going to speculate," he said. 

Mr Morrison said he had faith in the PNG justice system and would not comment on whether it was appropriate to have allowed G4S guards to watch over Mr Berati's body despite also potentially being subjects of an investigation.

Mr Morrison said the government was in CONTROL of the Manus Island centre. Ha,Ha!

When asked about whether Australia's international standing had been damaged by images of the riot and disorder, he said: "I have a very clear task and that is to stop the people smuggling trade coming to Australia," he said.(That was not the answer to the question)

He also said "[Asylum seeker deaths at sea] were as tragic as the death I had to report earlier this week."

Mr Morrison are you trying to tell us that once in our care its their own fault if they are murdered.

"Blaming the victims of this tragedy is cowardice"

Mr Morrison is now saying  the security company would be off the island within a week, when its contract expired and will be replaced by Transfield.

Covering your arse only works when you check the facts.

Then you think before using mouth.....

Abbott 'LIES' again. Australian's are treated like toilet bowls. Truth is always flushed away first!

Truth is not a bowel complaint Tony
Tony Abbott doesn't ever put the lid down because he always has a case of to much truth to flush away.

Tony Abbott has said the closure of Alcoa’s Port Henry aluminium smelter was a result of “the carbon tax doing its job”, despite the company having explicitly stated the carbon tax was “not a factor” in its decision to shut.
In a press conference to announce the purchase of new military aircraft, the prime minister said: “We are all mourning the close-down of the Alcoa plant at Port Henry near Geelong, but I regret to say that is the carbon tax doing its job.
Alcoa said at the time of the closure announcement that the carbon tax – expected to be repealed later in the year – “was not a factor in the decision to close the Port Henry smelter or the rolled products business”.
I'm sick being fed lies

21 Feb 2014

Politicians are like turkeys

Politicians always aim for the highest position and most of them are turkeys!

A turkey was chatting with a bull.  'I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree' sighed the turkey, 'but I haven't got the energy.'    
'Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?' replied the bull. It's full of nutrients.'
The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.
The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch..
Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree.
He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree. 

Moral of the story:   
Bull Shit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there for long...  

Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
When you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!   

20 Feb 2014

Minister Morrison shoots mouth of before knowing the facts.

Minister Morrison shoots mouth of before knowing the facts, WOW what a surprise.
Now we know why he doesn't like meeting the press.

Asylum seeker data breach: Guardian Australia responds to Scott Morrison

The document was freely available for download from a public area of the immigration department’s website
Guardian Australia, which on Wednesday broke the story of the government’s massive data breach whereby the private information of almost 10,000 people in immigration detention in Australia was published on the Department of Immigration website, welcomes Scott Morrison’s admission that this is an “unacceptable incident” and “a serious breach of privacy by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection”. We welcome the review into how the breach occurred, and the privacy commissioner’s announced investigation.
However there are a few points in the immigration minister’s statement which require a response.
Morrison says the information was not “in an easily accessible format within the public domain”. Guardian Australia can confirm that the document was freely available for download from a public area of the department’s website, along with many other public files. The document and the data contained within it were straightforward to access.
In his statement, Morrison reveals details about the document, including the date of its publication and the type of file. In a subsequent television interview, he named the document.
Guardian Australia has not released the name or date of the document, to ensure no further breach of privacy.
So in fact the Guardian was more conscious of what material should be released than the Minister.

Murdoch's empire and almost $900m from taxpayers!

Murdoch's empire, News Corp attacks ABC again.

Why, because they hate the ABC and want to remove it altogether and the Coalition would like to do just that. Together they would like us to only see their view of the world without interference from any other views.

Now this week saw the jaw-dropping revelation, reported in the Australian Financial Review, that the single largest factor in the deterioration of the federal budget announced in December was “a cash payout of almost $900m to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation” by the Australian Tax Office.

News Corp’s windfall was the result of years of creative paper transactions which allowed them to bill the Australian taxpayer for a “loss” recorded against a high Australian dollar.

This is the same News Corporation that cited the former federal Labor government’s “spending profligacy” as the reason to “kick this mob out” with stupendous lack of self-awareness during the election campaign.

It will not surprise you to learn that the culture of entitlement at News Corp runs far deeper than merely costing the Australian taxpayer $882m – and how the Coalition are presently facilitating Murdoch’s habit of business practise somewhat contradicts Hockey’s blustering declamations against entitlement.
Consider, if you will, the Coalition’s very public concession to Murdoch press claims against the ABC. News Corp’s consistent campaign against the government broadcaster on the (disproven) grounds of its “bias” has been running for months.
Have heard any comments from the current Minister supporting the ABC, no we haven't and neither will we because it suits the Coalition.
Now what, we are going to take a hard look at funding says the Minister, oh yes and by the way we may do away with overseas broadcasting.(this is the one Murdock lost) Is this payback for News's blind support in the last election?

Mining tax: it's time for all Australians to realise they are being ripped off | Luke Mansillo | Comment is free | theguardian.com

Mining tax: it's time for all Australians to realise they are being ripped off | Luke Mansillo | Comment is free | theguardian.com:

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19 Feb 2014

Inquiry into Manus Island violence should be independent, says Human Rights Commission

Inquiry into Manus Island violence should be independent, says Human Rights Commission:

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Manus Island is a debacle, will we ever be told the truth?

Immigration and Border Protection minister Scott Morrison has announced an inquiry into violence at Manus Island detention centre that left an Iranian asylum seeker dead.
(How the hell do I cover this up?)
I know!

I'll have an independent enquiry says Morrison.

Independent, no this enquiry is being done by the secretary of his own department Martin Bowles who  would "initiate a full review into this incident"so said Morrison.

Once again we are to be given a steam cleaned version, a version vetted by Morrison's own department. Are we once again to be fed "bull shit" and be treated like mushrooms.

The Papua New Guinean government and the Australian government are embarrassed by what has happened and neither side want us to have to many details.


Why don't you open Manus up to journalists so that we the people can get an accurate story of what happened.

It is obvious that setup up on Manus was never going to be adequate to handle what has now occurred.

The local police force is woeful, Some of the contract staff and police have apparently been involved in black marketing and some locals have been favoured ahead of others causing other tensions.

So was Manus a good location, it doesn't look like it, does it.

18 Feb 2014

Badgery's Creek sent to the too hard bin again. Coalition wimps out as usual!

Badgery's Creek delayed once again.

The need for a new airport at Badgery Creek has once again been delayed for no other reason than politics.

Yes an Australian government has once again baulked for political reasons because of the chance of loosing seats in the area.

Labor did, now so to has the Coalition, what sort of governments do we have federally, they are so alike it's an embarrassment, I thought that they were supposed to govern for all Australians, for the good of the country.

Fancy me thinking that, my god how naive is that, even though I am of slightly left persuasion I thought that this right wing government would bite the bullet and finally start building a second airport.

Sydney Airport has suddenly said it had enough capacity for the airport to remain as the only major airport in Sydney in the period up to 2033.

I wonder if the Coalition's mates at Sydney Airport have come up with this alternative after talking to the Coalition.

You can work in out, the may announce that they might be going ahead with Badgery's Creek but it's not going to be on their watch unless they stay in power until 2033.

Passing the buck is an art and they are becoming experts!

The Second Sydney Airport in the foreground
The year 2150

Rupert Murdoch's empire receives $882m tax rebate from Australia | Media | theguardian.com

Rupert Murdoch's empire receives $882m tax rebate from Australia | Media | theguardian.com:

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Manus Island and more violent riots
Surprise, surprise more trouble on Manus, this was always a problem waiting to happen, when you plonk people on an island and many of the islanders are not happy at them being there, the seeds are sown.

A combination of outsourcing control to private contractors who are really and amateurs and combining this with traumatized people, unhappy locals together with an unprofessional police force and you have all the ingredients for a problem to arise.

This is a governance problem, if Australia hadn't done this on the cheap we may not have had these problems. They should have had government people running the detention center and this should have included a police presence on Manus.

This is not the same as a prison, it's very much more complicated situation, it requires diplomacy, an understanding of the locals plus the ability to understanding the frustration of the detainees.

You can't outsource this problem or you will make it worse.

Now what do we have, I hate to say it but..I told you so.......

Serco and the West Australian hospital with no patients

The argument for privatisation is that it increases efficiency. So  the WA government paying Serco $118m to run a hospital that hasn’t even opened?
The series of crises affecting Serco around the globe are starting to hit its bottom line and financial markets are getting very nervous. Nonetheless, shareholders will take comfort from the $4.3bn, 20-year-deal Serco has struck with the West Australian government to provide most non-clinical services at the new tertiary Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The $2bn facility was due to open this April, but the government has announced it will have staged openings from October, with it not becoming fully operational until April 2015.
In 2014 Serco will be paid $118m to run this hospital with no patients. 
$53m is simply being paid to Serco because the hospital is not open.

This is a compensation payment the Western Australian Liberal government must pay because the hospital delays mean the anticipated rivers of operational revenue to Serco are yet to flow.
The WA Health Minister has confessed that he is paying Serco for over 200 people to work at the site. 
Serco says the 150 “operational staff” and an 80-person “pre-operational project team’' are doing things like cleaning, conducting safety checks, maintaining the gardens, moving furniture?

Others perform a “welcoming service” that includes providing directions and managing site events. 

All for a hospital that is blissfully free of the inconvenience of a single patient.
Is this providing an efficiency dividend to the W A government, I don't think so.

14 Feb 2014

Mobile phones are killers. Why, because we let them stupid!

Mobile phone addiction is driving us to death!

Phones are causing a huge number of traffic accidents, should they be banned in vehicles altogether? 

 “Get your hand off it” is a new campaign to make people think before they speak but it's just not working. Since when have people been able to think before speaking.
Where not getting through to people, drivers are simply finding ways to get away with the offence.
“The laws, it seems, are reasonably effective in targeting the sources of visual manual distraction, but I think we would  need a huge police presence to make it effective.
It's quite difficult to see people interacting with these devices.
Police are exploring new ways to catch offenders, including the use of roving police cameras on motorbikes.
Texting, video messaging, online chatting, reading preview messages and emailing via the phone is illegal, even if the phone is secured.
Wake up people, if your not alive you can't answer the call!