10 Feb 2014

Australia's future is rosy. Can't make cars,can't can our fruit and can't get good politicians

Australia's future is rosy. Can't make cars, can't can our fruit and can't get good politicians.
Maybe we can import some but where from?

Yes the Coalition is rolling along nicely thank you. Our last canning factory has closed, our car manufacturing is going, going gone!

What's next, let me think, mmm, mining yes we could sell our mines,oh, no to late, they're already sold.

Dear me this is a tough one, I know we could sell our farms, though we would have to be quick because they're being sold already.

I give up but I'm sure someone will come up with a large list. I suppose we could outsource the problem, they say you can outsource everything nowadays.

I'm just trying to help Tony Abbott out, because I have finally twigged, it is obvious that he doesn't want us to make or develop anything, why, he can save heaps by buying everything overseas.
He's not thinking of the number of unemployed, it's all about lowering the deficit.

Once the deficit is fixed he's going to fix all the other things. Ha,Ha!

Well Tony old buddy by the time you fix the deficit there won't be many things still working mate, oh I'm wrong we'll have a huge government.
All it will be doing is trying to find jobs for the people that used to work our farms, factories and at car manufacturing.

I wonder Tony have you ever thought about what could happen if we couldn't import everything for a short while......well Tony we'd die mate, that's what we'd do, just up and die.

No transport, no fresh food, no canned food.
 A great idea you've got there mate!

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