26 Feb 2014

Australia's Guantanamo bay. No hope, No future! This is Manus!

Is this Australia's Guantanamo bay?

Our government, after creating a feeling of fear of refugees among the Australian people and making them feel that every refugees is a terrorist, they are now treating refugees as if they were terrorists and many Australians have bought the story lock stock and barrel.

They are now locking people up and telling them they have no hope, this reeks of Americas treatment of internees at Guantanamo bay. Alright we are not using torture but we are giving these people no hope and nothing much to occupy themselves with and we wonder why they are depressed.

As a human being I cannot condone this treatment even though we have been conditioned by this and the previous government to believe that they are not really human beings.
The similarity of the propaganda we have been bombarded with and the propaganda of the Nazi regime against Jews is frightening.

This is Australia, the land of a fair go, what a joke.

Okay we've stopped the boats but haven't we gone over the top with the way we are treating refugees, surely we as Aussies and are not we so dumb as to believe all this bullshit we have been fed.
Offshore processing is supposedly to hide the refugees from the Australian people, out of sight out of mind, well it just ain't working.

Tony Abbott's promise of open government is long dead if it ever started at all and I honestly believed that he might have been telling the truth. I feel like a total fool because we are now seeing a government that is the most secretive I have seen.

We the Australian people are grownups, we can handle the truth no matter how bad it is, when things happen that are out of our control we are entitled to know.

Please just tell us the truth, we are becoming a laughing stock around the world, why because no one knows what is going on, so they have to guess and so do we, we can't even mount a defense because we are kept  in the dark.

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