9 Feb 2014

Coalition wants Royal Commission to run until the next election. Not justice just politics!

Royal Commission into union corruption confirmed.

Attorney-General George Brandis says a Royal Commission into trade unions will tackle the "systemic", "ingrained" corruption in the labour movement,  This is not about unions, it's about labor and the next election.

And he has accused federal opposition leader Bill Shorten, a former trade union leader, of opposing a Royal Commission. However Mr Shorten wants a multi-jurisdictional taskforce, led by the Australian Federal Police and include state police forces, to investigate the corruption allegations.

Senator Brandis confirmed that a wide-ranging judicial inquiry was imminent, declaring it would be "irresponsible for the government not to respond in an appropriate way" to public concerns.
In other words what he is saying is that this is an opportunity too good to miss for the Coalition.

A Royal Commission would not have the power to arrest criminals and would not be able to act quickly enough to tackle corruption, so why is this the Coalition's choice, because it's cumbersome and it will take a long time.

This is pure politics and nothing more, if it was just about the allegations that have recently arisen, the police are quite able to get a result.

Corruption requires two players