11 Feb 2014

Eyes wide shut. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop jumps to Israel's tune once more.

"Eyes wide shut"
Bishop looks the other way, once again.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she is “deeply concerned” by reports Israeli armed forces are removing Palestinian children from their homes in night-time raids.
Unlike the previous Labor government, Ms Bishop has refused to condemn Israeli settlements, and has not altered her position following the airing of the disturbing footage on ABC television on Monday night. Nor would the Foreign Minister commit to registering her concerns directly with the Israeli government.
Julie Bishop.

“I am deeply concerned by allegations of the mistreatment of Palestinian children,” Ms Bishop told Fairfax Media on Tuesday.
“The Australian government welcomes Israel's ongoing efforts to address these issues... [and] regularly raises human rights issues in appropriate fora, including the UN Human Rights Council.”
When do they ever take action to address human rights in the Palestinian territories.

In November, the Abbott government quietly swung its support further behind Israel at the expense of Palestine, giving tacit approval to controversial activities including the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.

Isn't it time Australia stood up and condemned Israel for the despicable treatment of children.

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