24 Feb 2014

Government pays back the clubs for support at the last election.

Kevin Andrews says this is just red tape!
No Kevin, this is for the public good buddy!

Thousands of pubs and clubs around Australia have applied for exemptions to a newly enforced $250 withdrawal limit on ATMs in gaming venues.
This was Labor government’s reform of poker machine laws, which was intended to tackle problem gambling.
The government invited venues to apply for exemptions in December, after failing to repeal the new poker-machine regulations before the cash machine limits came into effect on 1 February.
Venues must show the ATM limit would cause “unreasonable inconvenience to the community”.
A spokeswoman for the social services minister, Kevin Andrews, said the national gambling regulator had received more than 3200 applications for exemption. “These are in the process of being evaluated,” she said.

She didn't say what was obvious to any normal thinking person and that is that it appeared that the clubs were mounting a concerted campaign to have the regulations repealed. 
The high number of applications was “evidence of the excessive compliance burden this law places on the ATM industry”, she added.

So a burden on the industry comes before the burden it places on people who are prone to over spend on this type of gambling.

“The Coalition went to the election with a policy to cut this red tape burden, and plan on fulfilling this election commitment.”
It is not clear how many exemptions have been granted yet, however if we can read between the lines it means that most exemptions will be granted.
The commission estimated that about 41% of revenue drawn from gambling machines comes from problem gamblers.
ATMs are already banned in gaming venues in Victoria, a measure that has seen the amount of money lost by problem gamblers fall by $90 a session.



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