13 Feb 2014

It's time, time for a second airport for Sydney. Please no politics, not again!

We'll huff and puff and all we do is scare the chickens.
A second airport in western Sydney it's essential and long overdue.
Why hasn't it happened, well politicians might loose seats.
(arses could be on the line)
Everyone has had it up here, they played politics with it for years and we are just sick of it!
"I think Badgerys Creek is the right call," says one voice in the Coalitions ranks Senator Zed Seselja.
Yes, I'm not making this up they're playing politics once again, now we have the Prime Minister putting off a decision to approve an airport at Badgerys Creek due to political concerns in Sydney's west.
Cabinet has been expected to agree this month to the Badgerys Creek project and transport links worth more than $200 million, now Mr Abbott will establish a committee made up of western Sydney Liberal MPs, to report on the Badgerys Creek proposal.(isn't this the same Tony Abbott that attacked Labor for using too many committees)
We need a second airport, we've been here before, isn't it time MP's stopped thinking of themselves and instead thought about what's good for Australia.
           Is this worth saving, again and again!
The government does need to make a decision once and for all.
The case that we need a second airport has been well supported and truly made.
Now Sydney desperately needs a second airport and sooner rather than later.
If they say no to a second Sydney airport, they're really saying no to jobs, no to growth and no to Sydney's position as a global city.

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