18 Feb 2014

Manus Island and more violent riots
Surprise, surprise more trouble on Manus, this was always a problem waiting to happen, when you plonk people on an island and many of the islanders are not happy at them being there, the seeds are sown.

A combination of outsourcing control to private contractors who are really and amateurs and combining this with traumatized people, unhappy locals together with an unprofessional police force and you have all the ingredients for a problem to arise.

This is a governance problem, if Australia hadn't done this on the cheap we may not have had these problems. They should have had government people running the detention center and this should have included a police presence on Manus.

This is not the same as a prison, it's very much more complicated situation, it requires diplomacy, an understanding of the locals plus the ability to understanding the frustration of the detainees.

You can't outsource this problem or you will make it worse.

Now what do we have, I hate to say it but..I told you so.......

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