19 Feb 2014

Manus Island is a debacle, will we ever be told the truth?

Immigration and Border Protection minister Scott Morrison has announced an inquiry into violence at Manus Island detention centre that left an Iranian asylum seeker dead.
(How the hell do I cover this up?)
I know!

I'll have an independent enquiry says Morrison.

Independent, no this enquiry is being done by the secretary of his own department Martin Bowles who  would "initiate a full review into this incident"so said Morrison.

Once again we are to be given a steam cleaned version, a version vetted by Morrison's own department. Are we once again to be fed "bull shit" and be treated like mushrooms.

The Papua New Guinean government and the Australian government are embarrassed by what has happened and neither side want us to have to many details.


Why don't you open Manus up to journalists so that we the people can get an accurate story of what happened.

It is obvious that setup up on Manus was never going to be adequate to handle what has now occurred.

The local police force is woeful, Some of the contract staff and police have apparently been involved in black marketing and some locals have been favoured ahead of others causing other tensions.

So was Manus a good location, it doesn't look like it, does it.

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