12 Feb 2014

Medibank for sale ready or not! Maybe we could sell it to an American insurer.They have a great system.

Medibank for sale? This means less competition.

Ideology strikes again, if a government entity makes money sell it off, why, because governments are only supposed to keep things that are unprofitable.

The Abbott government has begun laying the groundwork for a $4 billion privatisation of Medibank Private without having received expert advice on whether the health insurer should be sold off.

This government doesn't believe in experts apparently, scientists no nothing about climate change so why should they believe they need experts of any kind to advise them about this matter.

They have already begun the ground work, a fortnight ago a team of corporate spin doctors began drawing up plans to sell the idea for a full or partial-privatisation to the public.

They have already decided to sell Medibank without waiting for advice or demonstrating to us the public just how it would increase competition or put downward pressure on health insurance premiums.

Medibank has kept the market honest and without it we can expect premiums to increase because private health funds will charge what the market can bare to optimise profits.

We will be loosing the biggest health insurer, without the sort of competition Medibank provided it will be "charge what ever we can get away with"

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