14 Feb 2014

Mobile phones are killers. Why, because we let them stupid!

Mobile phone addiction is driving us to death!

Phones are causing a huge number of traffic accidents, should they be banned in vehicles altogether? 

 “Get your hand off it” is a new campaign to make people think before they speak but it's just not working. Since when have people been able to think before speaking.
Where not getting through to people, drivers are simply finding ways to get away with the offence.
“The laws, it seems, are reasonably effective in targeting the sources of visual manual distraction, but I think we would  need a huge police presence to make it effective.
It's quite difficult to see people interacting with these devices.
Police are exploring new ways to catch offenders, including the use of roving police cameras on motorbikes.
Texting, video messaging, online chatting, reading preview messages and emailing via the phone is illegal, even if the phone is secured.
Wake up people, if your not alive you can't answer the call!

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