7 Feb 2014

The ABC should be Lobotomized and turned into something similar to the Coalition back-benchers.

David Johnston calls for enquiry into ABC (Who's David Johnson, we've never heard of him before?) oh, you mean the guy that's been invisible, OK.

Defence Minister David Johnston has launched a tirade against claims the navy abused asylum seekers, insisting Defence brass had assured him that the allegations were baseless and branding the claims ''hearsay, innuendo and rumour''.
Senator Johnston refused to detail any measures taken to investigate the claims, deferring on that point to the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who has ultimate charge of border protection.
Senator Johnston's angry remarks followed a report in Fairfax Media in which Sudanese asylum-seeker Yousif Ibrahim Fasher stood by – and added considerable detail to – his claims that three asylum-seekers had had their hands deliberately burned by navy sailors.

The Minister did not attack the Fairfax report, reserving his fire instead for the ABC.
I wonder why.  This government would like the ABC to be their propaganda machine without a mind of it's own, like the many members of the coalition who sit on the back bench they have all had a lobotomy once they were elected.
Senator Johnston also said he was happy with assurances given to him by Defence brass.
 I assume he means Scott Morrison he seems to be the minister in charge of everything
''I have discussed this matter with senior command,'' he said. ''They have assured me that there is no substance to these allegations.''
When asked why his department had not answered a detailed list of questions by Fairfax Media based on a detailed eyewitness account.

What did Senator Johnston(the pass the buck Minister of Defence) do, he said it was a matter for Mr Morrison because it was a ''civil public policy issue''.
They will not question Fairfax because it can defend it's self, where as the ABC cannot, because it's charter does not allow it much leeway in these circumstances.


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