27 Mar 2014

Abbott has launched an unapologetic defence of his decision to axe bonus welfare payments to the children of injured or dead war veterans, including orphans, saying "No government can continue to be generous with other people's money".
The Prime Minister said he understood Labor wanted to embarrass the Coalition over its election commitment to axe the yearly $212 income support bonus education payment -- which is meant to be funded from the underperforming minerals resource rent tax -- and paint it as "callous and hard-hearted".
Bill Shorten argued that the cost of providing the payment to the children of war veterans, about $260,000 a year, would have the same budgetary impact "as giving just four high-income earners the Prime Minister's extravagant and unfair paid parental leave scheme".
Mr Abbott said he accepted that unwinding the payment would be unpopular but the government was determined to keep its election commitment to scrap all payments linked to the mining tax, including the income support bonus payment and the Schoolkids Bonus, which 1780 children of veterans receive.
"We were upfront with people before the election that this particular benefit would be removed, because it was a benefit that was supposed to be paid for by the mining tax, and the mining tax is not raising any money,"
Mr Abbott said in parliament yesterday. So why scrap it Tony, it can't be hurting the miners?

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