12 Mar 2014

Abbott says Come on in to foreign workers, bugger Australians looking for work!

Anti Union Abbott takes foreign workers ahead of Aussies!

The Abbott government has opened a visa loophole that will allow employers to hire an unlimited number of foreign workers under a temporary working visa.

This is a move  bring back widespread rorting of the system.

In the Government's bid to remove all ''red tape'' from the 457 skilled migrant visa, employers will not be penalised or scrutinised if they hire more foreign staff than they applied for.

The loophole was closed in 2013 by the Labor government, companies in the mining, construction and IT industries were knowingly hiring hundreds more foreign workers than they had applied for.

One example was  an employer was granted approval for 100 visas over three years, but in 18 months he had brought in 800 workers under the 457 visa.

The attitude of this government is obvious, we are open for business, which means in plain English, you can do what ever you like, we won't be watching you.

Getting rid of red tape does not mean you are to forget about Australians in favour of the mighty dollar and cheap labor.


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