28 Mar 2014

Bishop missing the boat as headmistress

Controlling the House of Rep's is no easy job but you do it easy if you do it fairly
Bronwyn Bishop is doing it hard because she doesn't do it fairly 

Both sides of parliament behave like children and the headmistress has succumbed to the same infantile behavior, as the referee she should show no obvious bias even though we all know her underlying support is for her own side.
If people didn't think badly enough of politicians in the previous three years, now it seems we could be in for nothing short of disgusting behaviour because we now have a speaker who cares nothing for fairness.
The opposition will therefore become more frustrated and therefore more unruly and government members will behave with contempt because they can.
Democracy will not be served, we the people will not be served, it's in the speakers court to fix it before it breaks.
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When I speak you listen
Be warned

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