23 Mar 2014

Bronwyn Bishop thinks she's impartial. H, Ha, Ha!

When comparing Speakers
Bronwyn stands out because of her balanced approach. No.
It is her display of disdain for the opposition.

Now we expect the speaker to err on the side of the her own party but her blatant bias has reached such a level that I for one can no longer watch question time because there isn't anything remotely like a debate anymore. Reasonable debate has become a joke, it longer exists under her guidance.

Parliament has become nothing more than a point scoring game, do we ever hear the details of bills being debated, very rarely.

Parliament is supposed to be the home of our democracy, somewhere we can go to learn and see our democracy in action, somewhere we are able to take our children to listen to the house of reps and to educate.

It doesn't do that anymore, I'm not saying that it just the speaker's fault, no it's the politicians also, however the the speaker has a big enough stick if used fairly and with an iron hand.

A balanced speaker has the ability to turn the house into a proper place we can all be proud of and to break present kindergarten like behaviour on both sides.

Bronwyn Bishop has expressed concern that someone has made a reflection on her impartiality or proper interpretation of the rules of parliament.

Well we know she knows the rules of course, if only by having tested almost every one of them in her years before she was elevated.

Impartial she is not, and she doesn't pretend to be so.

Will she be remembered for making parliament and politicians more respected, I fear not, in fact it may become more of a farce than it is already.

Bronwyn you can make this place a more respected place, how about you give it a try, you'll earn my respect that's for sure.

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