28 Mar 2014

First Veterans Children, now the War Memorial

First the government slashes measly payment to children, now they are slamming the War Memorial, what caring individuals we have in this government.
Abbott loves to have his picture taken with service personnel while at the same time sneakingly hurting the children of these same personnel who have died in the line of duty, what in the world makes this guy tick.

Now he's chopping the staff numbers at the War Memorial, this is the place where we honor our dead, yes the same dead personnel who's children will miss out on the measly few hundred dollars they were promised.

The Australian War Memorial will lose 19 staff over the next three years, as it becomes the latest victim of the Abbott government's efficiency dividend.
In an email to staff on Wednesday, director Brendan Nelson said the staff cuts were ''unavoidably necessary'' to protect the long-term future of the memorial.

Mr Nelson had already warned staff that if the federal government didn't reverse funding cuts totaling $3 million to the Veterans' Affairs portfolio, jobs would be lost.

Even though he lobbied ministers hard to reconsider the issue he has been ignored. $3 million dollars is not even enough to make a ripple in the budget bottom line, neither was the payment to the children who have lost their fathers. 

Tony Abbott said this would be a caring government, he obviously did not mean for the people, perhaps he was referring to big business, what do you think?
While campaigning I met soldiers, all I had to do was tell them I'll care for them
and they gave me this to play with.
Easy peasy, they'll believe anything.

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